Weekend Shows


A connoisseur of the finer things in life like dive bar nachos, PBR, and music to start your Sunday with. As your host of the lighter side of Alt Buffalo, Sunday Morning Comin' Down, I search the internet for the finest music I can find. When not on the hunt for the best tunes I can find, I am... Read More


Hey there #AltFamily! I'm Lexi and I'm the host of Localized, Sunday nights from 8-9pm. My goal is to be a voice for the local music scene here in Buffalo. I frequent pop punk concerts and am still mourning the loss of Warped Tour. If you follow me on Instagram you can expect to see only pictures... Read More


I really want french toast..... No I'm kidding! But I really do love diner breakfast meals! My new fascination is going to thrift stores and finding unique pieces, especially sunglasses. Even though I have lived here in Buffalo my whole life, I HATE wearing a winter coat from December until spring... Read More