Weekend Shows


My name is Kennedy, and I am your Sunday Morning Music Maestro. As your host of Sunday Morning Comin' Down, it is my job to bring you music that always goes down smooth. Outside of Sunday Mornings, you can find me wandering thru Buffalo trying to find the perfect chicken wing that goes with PBR... Read More


Hey Alt Family it’s Lexi, the pop punk kid of the Alternative Buffalo staff. I spend most of my time at concerts and hanging out with my little French bulldog Oliver. As the host of Localized (Sunday nights from 8-9pm), I am a proud advocate for the local music scene in Buffalo; you wouldn’t... Read More


Hello!!! A very proud LGBTQ supporter, I have a goal to go to as many major cities' Pride festivals as possible. I'm a huge Snoop Dogg fan & love his transitions throughout the years. Roses are overrated, tulips are the way to my heart. Yes, I am irish, but St. Patrick's Day ISN'T my favorite... Read More