Modern Family

'Modern Family' Star Sofia Vergara Shares '90s Throwback Bikini Pic

She's a ‘Modern Family’ star but she's always had a timeless look. Sofia Vergara posted a throwback bikini shot of herself on Instagram on Thursday. The photo shows the actress in a small black bikini, standing next to a horse, staring ponderously out into the summer sun. View this post on...
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It's the first week of October, which means most shows have started their new seasons (and the ones that haven't will in the next week or two). Thanks to on-demand and DVR, I don't miss a minute of my shows (I still have flashbacks of having to set the VCR timer to record. And it was the worst when...
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Chris Martin of Coldplay

Coldplay's Chris Martin Was Hilarious on 'Modern Family'

Modern Family ‘s goofball dad character Phil Dunphy loves Coldplay —so it was just a matter of time before showrunners recruited frontman Chris Martin for a cameo.
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