Brews On the Water - Faces in the crowd

Faces In The Crowd Brews On The Water 2019 Saturday, July 27th Gratwick Waterfront Park - North Tonawanda, NY
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A pint of frosty beer

This Beer Was Made at 40,000 Feet Using Airplane Coffee Pots

Brewing beer is a precise, scientific process best done in a controlled setting. An airplane crossing the Atlantic is definitely not that. But that’s where the most recent brew from Scottish brewery BrewDog was made. BrewDog founders Martin Dickie and James Watt partnered with British airways to...
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Man Drinking Only Beer During Lent Lost 43 Pounds

(1020 KDKA) - We've been following the story of Del Hall, a 43-year-old director of sales for Fifty West Brewing Company in Cincinnati decided he was going to drink only beer and water for Lent. No food! Hall tells KDKA Radio's Lynne Hayes-Freeland with one day left to go before he can eat real...
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Metallica x Panic! At The Disco x blink-182

Taste of Music: Metallica and Panic! At The Disco Make Beer, Blink-182 Gets Ranch Dressing

A few new ways to drink your favorite band, some better than others
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Nik Rivers - Things I learned today

OK, so I can be a bit slow sometimes when it comes to the news of the world. But I found out some exciting stuff today... Run The Jewels ....wait for it..... MAKE BEER ! It's true, they released their Stay Gold IPA back in February 2017 (I told ya I can be a bit slow) and apparently, it's pretty...
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Beer flight

Are These the Ten Best Beers in the World?

What's the best beer in the world? Guinness is, according to more than 10,000 people who voted online. The poll allowed voters to submit any beer of their choice, so keep that in mind.
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Danish Brewery Made Beer Using Human Urine?

Yep, you read that correctly—a Danish brewery is recycling human urine to make its beer, Reuters reports. But before you get too grossed out, we bring to you one very important fact: There’s no urine in the beer. Rather, the urine is used to fertilize the malting barley used to make said beer. The...
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