Taking Back Sunday | Interview

Thursday, June 14th

Adam Lazzara of  #Kerfuffle 2018 featured artist Taking Back Sunday, checked in with Axe to chat about their upcoming apperance at Kerfuffle.


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Adam thanks so much for taking a few minutes Chad I don't. Great now thank you very taken time to talking especially about current fossil let interesting named as took. At actually leading up to the call I meant to you know. Look that word out combatant I have no idea what it means but I would imagine it would be like if it like a painting a slicker like typical like in baseball terms. A close sort of occur volatile the definition is. A commotion or rockets. And it's kind of funny that it's kind of become very fitting worker publicly all the music and food there's a what's going on. But we first harder Volvo the idea that we actually just Google gibberish words anchor awful the first like you with that there you go that is the name of the possible. Actually speaking of festivals and others apparently guys are playing a white out give out as warped tour du 24 in Ventura California. Now guys played war or before. This slash Europe war tore that have anything to do with the guys sign a player this year. Yet there like we'll have our summer tour you know it co heating Camry and but then when I mean to sound out it was going to be the last year you know that Kevin Lyon and determine. What Torre wanted to. Try to get in at least for one show you know just because it's it's been a huge part of my life even before we were in the band and then so just kind of our way to our. Paying respects you know. Yeah absolutely and and yeah I'm so glad you said that about even before you know you are in the band war torn apart your life that feels like so many differing you know artists that we talked to. He'll war door you know they were fans going to the festival before they got the chance you'll actually be onstage performing there's a school here you see that. And I was really glee guys got a chance to do that now did you reach out war tore are worded they reach out to view. How that happened. In end in this instance we reached out to them though we said hey if there's compressed. And it showed up via we must be part of this year and that won an insurgent network out there. Cool that's awesome now lost the topic shows I saw in April you guys played a show in Mexico City Mexico. On Twitter he said it was the first time you guys ever been there's a band of prize the or fifteen years together is banned you never played Mexico you know how how that happened you don't get. Ideal place for that long in the that all come monopoly down. There's a well for a you know I think as we are asking ourselves the same questions like how is it after all these years never been down there and you know ahead and so there are just some adult you know that we needed to get a strong talk until I get yeah. So they owe on it but it was fit it it was as fantastic time you know like we had we were actually hit of the play accessible last year and then. Down there and then that. Shelter for whatever reason and so we use so we're all pretty you know as we're really looking and looking forward to it and I have to say like any kind of reports are anything seeing on the news about like. Mexico and Mexico say it couldn't be further from the street at least as you're the only so much history and just the wonderful vote. Now before the Mexico showed you looked a it'll eliminate downtime from the road when you're longer breaks during the past two years looked like four or five months. And all offers during that time in March you had your third child the right. Yes they did it there's civic it's. Crazy thing Prius more than two desolate. Cricket for plug in grass out got here how they're going he would juggle and I'll let you know coming home from the road to radio back dollar army answers diving chaotic but obviously. You know exciting and you know lots and lots of joy and. Yeah our men it's been it's been a crazy you know like my my. Like it is in school or what she's going back to school and getting their. Now there's an independent so I took the opportunity in the island back lot though and it's like in the chip it master than then. Yeah and had a baby cute things have been just nonstop and then on top of that you know. We're sending ideas back and forth is. Two guys are still a Long Island and John and I was here in North Carolina so. We've been working on that so it's actually what I'm doing right now aren't just sitting in the studio and then. So it's it's it's been a whirlwind. Like normally the first couple months of the year you know like you like electronic ease into the year but this is just nonstop. Does it get thrown right after the other could yet now they imagined a year you're in the studio I'll come back to that. But I don't ask you back in April you guys now fossils of media that one of the founding members any raise is leaving the band. Not much more to it than that first. Bits I just think he he he just gonna kind of be with the family and then. Under the focus more on the you know and so that's. Mean it was on. Concerned you know nobody is like it wasn't there wasn't some kind of big blow out or anything like it was just. He just wanted to do it and. Yeah I mean that happens it's good here you know you guys are still on good terms and you know as nothing you know bad like that. Obvious that we want to ask and then you know circle back you're talking here in the studio now. Com the only music I noticed you guys never Lula morgue two to three years between albums you're two years announces title they've I feel how it's going to come and. Are the pin or. That is that earned it flies by you know like they're at it doesn't feel like what are not yet we're working on the the guys were down here. We are in the studio. Last week and then so just. Working on the UConn new ideas and not yet what I'm looking at I'm looking at the computer now and then. So under put mine put my stamp on it and and then not. You know hopefully everybody likes it in the band and then we can share with the World Cup. Nice and now you're saying you guys are gonna spread out at the moment. How how much has technology got it changed how you guys work as a band is. You even hear from your home a marketing standpoint with social media has yet you guys started late 20012002. MySpace was like just kind of barely a thing then FaceBook will be earlier around. And you know Smartphone that is all the technology how how different has it been you know like the second half your career going forward. The neo maybe even first out. Well a lot so anyway like it's gotten. I don't think that week. Live. Live in different places like we do it if it weren't for that technology and cut it. Or we wouldn't really get anything product there's but this you know like we again. As a marker termer like that he has current ban on the bone in his way is that she's just so fast. And then those key. You know like he'll come up with something in the they'll send it around and then. And then that way when we get together you know like or for like an idea like that everybody like we are. Saints starting point in mind you know so it kind of makes her more streamlined. Kind of social again and so. That kind of a mean. Seeing you know and why it's so great and then even man like I remember when we started swearing you know. There was like you would maybe may be able to make a phone call you know end. All that so it's but now with facetime and then. All of those things you know it makes it a lot easier. Feel. Connected to home you know to stick around it.