Studio Session | Bob Stalder | History of PeopleArt

Sunday, May 21st

Bob Stalder, booker at PeopleArt, talks about the venue's history live on Localized. Tune in Sunday nights from 8-9 PM and hear more great local music on Alt Buffalo!


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Hello Chelsea so great to have you line them happy that you're here Bob and I have. Been Friendster a little while now and that Bob runs. And books rather expose a venue called people hurt that has been. In the buffalo music scene for 39 years. Yes they're nine years incredible so why should tell us about about. You know people are at certain. And that there nine years ranges pass as old as I am to give you hints of a so we've been at this for a while. We. Michael modem and I actually ended. Caught coffee house while the coffee houses I addition people I was originally started mystery women as an arts shatter it had. Our shows it has a number of types of readings and Michael who. Books we may remember him as having been a host of the open Mike at each she's for a great many years. One Jan dashed Asia our post. And Michael said you know they need music. While isn't too busy this summer I was not teaching in a summer just in their regular season. And I had a car and he didn't so we bar or some furniture and we started a costing us that we thought would last few weeks. We eventually at year old for a few months. Move to to claim for a Lexington. At that point Michael had the need to actually earn money and we are very very definitely a nonprofit organization. And at that point I kind of she took my I didn't take over David and Stephanie Goddard and I took over and Stephanie did most of booking. Most of what I know about doing this I learned either from my ankle or for days and sesame. It visited very interesting experience. The for quite a few years we kept that up and now I have a different committee of people every few years we have some announce leave and someone come back. Wanna lose a guy named bill but they have notes is 1959. And oh we we keep it up and we hope to keep it up again in another year. And you have witnessed so many different generations of buffalo musicians. You've known so many people and you know Michael Germans. One great example because Michael has German actually taught if I need to Franco Harris is huge. And so. And he was very influential influential excuse me in the buffalo music's and. People unfortunately he he passed him a few years ago but. People still know that name and still sing his praises because he was a great guy and a big part of the local music scene we have so going today.