Wednesday, December 6th

Saint Motel sat down with Nik Rivers prior to their Night-2 performance at #TKBC 2017 at Buffalo Riverworks.

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It is altered a couple of 1077104. Sevenths motel and Benny Goodman right there and is that night of the proposal before Christmas out of buffalo river works and doors opening apps extension starts at 715 or strike that reverse 615 or seventeen and shouts don't want. Same hotel Borg and Jimmy Eat World going to be on the bill tonight sitting at this now seem to outlook back. You've done this before that's our time. That it. We are excited that you guys back at last and different conditions last time we catch it was -- awful outside stage just around the corner from now we we got you back here in the wintertime with rain snow and suites is this the first snow of the season this really Qaeda is it was supposed accurately aggregate when it was happening. With that because near sellout tonight we want. Or maybe it will all be here it's noted there was a first down while earnings that. There's there's at least drive around here who lives in ways there are a lot of things you can do Butler has really when you season though is in Lehman legislate explodes. He's got a duty I just tried I'll refrain until the end of the interview I might drop one where he bomb on. These cities downs that's okay. So since you guys have been here last a new record is coming out seem television and so parents and solutions on that when the new album. Phenomenal you know one of the the things from this the song move got stuck in my head because a guy attached to and who were commercial. So it was all over television in the worst part was as we did not have Amber's here awful. So while I was on television I think they were lobbying to get it up your point but so it was like C motel you're teasing me with over you have and now we do have a well I think it's for the success you guys simply we fancy hotel that they because. It's you know. But it the new record though. The the new album tells a little bit about the process going into any guys realize that EPO and also the new record. The writing process what. Entry in your head is your new record together. So. I think you know writer on its time we did that summertime curve ball is when we were kind. In the middle of making television. So I'd like to think that in some ways under the bridge that day something wrapped up on us Becker falafel never really gets your clothing that this is true that these there's a it at Accra file that made its way the album it's on to the press desk. Ticket I like it. The the name of the album by the way I think is pure genius that you'll see more television is fantastic because as you see that we dispense justice it is put their fists against the bomb here and it. It is a fantastic. Title and going back to television going up your favorite shows his kids. Geiger. Nice it was a Knight Rider. It's. Weird science journals. Simpson's. You about it. And instantly. Touching an all my favorites All My Children asked are you bring you just heard from corporate there. It's totally threw for the answer so much so now it's okay Angela Lansbury murder if you read. Not so much Matlock. Mean. He is nestled in appointments were Obama that that there was like you area and the pain to crush on Ryder. Host and overshadows a really is that his name down. I know you're talking about yes I'm not yet as they wish on the show it yet but as the only theory I can. And he whatsoever shows his nice guy. For magic. So we'd if you guys just suited right now seem to hear me now with us they'll be playing tonight long would you be world and boards when when you guys out on the road I mean I just back and catering now and it's now an ounce on the from pretty good stuff there what is the best meal that you had when you've been out. She'll best thing that you remember. I we have the service supports me. He's performance and Italy are now telling us a Nazi were to where it was is perfectly smooth like a into hours. You know what was that we need to try the original wild but it did don't get out of the board like I. And buffalo man. Do not go down mavericks owner so if your listeners are listening could be just recommend their here these two Q Weems C will go there. Either before or after maybe hearings that it will buy you a wing. I'm doing. Wanna try. The best political wing hopping here you know like our own hospitals wing it definitely immediately go so far are you know at the same as ours ago and you are definitely got a call that day. Yet there there definitely I mean the wing was invented here and I got to give guys credit for not calling it in buffalo wing it's just awaiting him so I guess or June. Exactly it's a here way so don't don't say that W word that goes with wings the national chains as yet it's. You know yeah I know what you're talking about taking that which. Either same -- play out with us here at the -- for Christmas -- number two tickets are still available box -- Oakland. I say that a limited number remained the -- approaching -- sell -- if you can get them recommend coming down here now 45 bucks at the door they are still available tonight have you guys wrap up here what are aggressive plans for later the year against. Immediately -- to Dave from buffalo. Have dated proxy eons and then. And then when is the last show of the year ferocious. Actually four out of a million of them is there. It can be replaced it you know the first now. And the ship lash move. Or get clues that guys on our third. Well we appreciate you say in buffalo for last answer the best for last and it's great to have you guys back here so I mean these are that's absolutely let's get back you do with another one for same motel it is my title on that it reduced both look to the man journal bubble of 107714712. Point five HD to live longer works to ABC. Night number two words.