Robert Delong | Interview

Thursday, June 14th

#Kerfuffle 2018 featured artist Robert Delong checked in with Axe to chat about his upcoming apperance at Kerfuffle.


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Or are ideal man or. Get on doing good. Could start with you single hair color is blue the team features K play and it's like here's how the whole collaboration come on now. Syria mean governor Arnold an elector or years ago did not sever Cisco. Best blue book buying and then. You know kind of loosely kept in contact and then I moved back LA media a year ago and we ran into each other local Barnes. This started hanging out and one thing led to another and yeah we got together on 3400 degree afternoon. Hear him in July or something and look at some. Cool and I got a new music video for off their colors blue coming out. And Dallas shot not too long ago in Houston Texas a bomb if all Mon not mistaken right with locate close on war. Yeah it was actually an opt in under threat that optima yeah we I did result that they're just joining her fur for that to an end. Yeah it was cool you know in front of the green screen and it was. You know the sky Dmitry directed it it turned out really cool it's really quite a trip that he had no idea what was going on in just like. We had these commands like moves slowly to the left and then look at the screen or something I've no idea how it's gonna come together with. Again if you're just tuning in chat with Robert along he'll be at her awful three days from now June 16 accurate outside. Now collaboration of the sub they also did like I talk about because it seems like he used to get a hip hop thing you know you'd you'd buy a hit about there's all kinds you know featured just. But now it's feeling a lot of alternative artists are kind you that's kind of cool to see alternative artists working together. I'd be out like a list of artists like you may go to wishlists are real people you'd like to work with in the futures some leader on interest in doing. Certainly am in this play artists I'd love to work with the future. Actually. Working with my friend here Rockingham James to prepare you know that banned the toilet and it's and it's spreading influence I don't know does that mean. I look for answers lines aren't getting together and our music together like we have. Some similarities and that's Syria and the point. Awesome and now though with the news article of speculation about new album I know you've been working on a new record. I don't know much more beyond that very thing where you got it also now Friday when we expect more Ernie music from Ian. Well yeah you know I've been are in order for two and a half years now averaging at least or songs so let's get. I know yeah I mean it have have you know probably written a 150 songs sort of arsenal last a couple of years and there's definitely an album that is can you think that's yeah you sound great go to follow up their colors blue Honda can hold your breath you know it happens. Awesome against Robert along the vehicle awful June 16 canal side. I don't push it up a little it's all video where. A couple videos your playing a basement there is one I needed jam in the band. I imagine in addition to playing you know traditional venues like clubs in Arenas battlegrounds. You brightly it's my usual venues relocations will what's the weirdest plays a kind of stands out that you've performed before. How good they sent me an event. I've done everything haven't played in a conference room for a bunch of market marketing executives have played which is pretty strange and and barrel. Commitment I've played. Arnie and now he's now sort of respect I mean Jennifer van that was certainly a string on quite a while ago. You know rooftops also does that mean. You know playing in a basement you know what started out playing shows you know copy houses and and you know different sports is so you know come along way since I'm. And again I mean just shooting ended jet with Robert along he'll be occur bubble three days now June 16 acting outside.