Thursday, November 30th

David Boyd, Soren Hansen & Lou Vecchio of New Politics sat down to talk with Shannon & Nik Rivers prior to their #TKBC performance at Buffalo RiverWorks.

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It is altered above all what does that is that a lot of 47 and that is brand new for new politics off the album lost in translation it is called color green I'm a reverse. And now we're broadcasting live from buffalo river works it is Nightline. What is now a three night spectacle down here to perform before Christmas and joining us this on the couch in the in the lovely holes of the and Pablo overwork your politics. Yeah and welcome back gentlemen glad to see it glad to have you back here again and I. I didn't realize as I sat down a couple seconds ago that. You played a couple 2015. You read their summer show at sixteen and you're back for TK ABC in 2017. Austin area that was and thank you absolutely as a reverse or you know it's it's hard to believe that the station now is we're in our fifth year and thinking wait wait. The very first thing we ever did as a radio station was the big game that Super Bowl when you guys played our own we'll have to actually I've gone back a few years on this and I remember there a lot of shots that night and Fuzzy. Hopefully we go to the Saber tonight you're ready for your time this evening I think oh absolutely yeah. Fantastic bailout a new record lost in translation. Lots of new sounds on there and definitely a different direction for you guys is a band. Perry spoke to David about this the other days I wanna get sort of lose take this as far as the music. Salon eight. What's this I don't want to repeat the same answer again I mean we thought we already that we go way back to like Tuesday we talked about this are if you vote but you guys as far as the input on the new record it was weird intends to. Make it different sounding records this as the growing up process as musicians as people life. I think that's the main thing we we. We just wanted to write songs that you know we have we have fun writing the songs and I think one of the main things was that we got to. You know talk about things talk about real things that that's a lot of things have changed for us over especially the past few years and and you know we've kind of moved away from from our base in new York and and that unit David David had and two days ago and there's been a lot of things. That we have to write about so we when we started the writing process we. You know we will come up with new politics might be songs you know there is almost like there was a formula for us and you know how to do it. And they didn't feel right so I think. You know it's you can't really escape that sound distilled and this on but it was really fun for us to this time just you know to say. Let's do this this this have fun in this direction and then those songs ended up being personal songs about. We'll things that had happened and now lives and every single song except actually have to admit none of us has been to Istanbul took contestants some. But it's. Everything else pretty much is is about real things that you know college green was before David's grow Wolfgang was born it was a song about it. About that whole idea of somebody growing up and what it means to be even though. I think David still doesn't really know. Put it didn't fit and we definitely don't put but you know it's it's those beautiful things about my daughter's changing me yeah. So so that's you know we've we've really genuinely. Needed to write this album I think that's like that that will be might take and what. US compete. Definitely I think I don't know if any it was hard yeah. I tell you know how you gather I think. She's one ounces of student at this board this guy told me that we lost in translation sounds like that's it that's. Clinton is right that's an advocate for the and I think we also we realize that Tomas Tomas think that the act and speak English. But this is how they're really sound David can you give an example and we translate as the bad things that mean function of the other things always happen to me one like his Lewis does your days. Are you picking on. Stocks. But like archaic it looks. She's just a splashy and payments and without it. I tell you those days just from. The first no of that album is like Europe from color green I think this is something different you guys and then when you actually sit there listening to Wear it like this really different. But it's still yet you know so I just deathly it's up for your worst record for front companies stuff in Q thank you. You know snow team and runner reach back to you when nick was seeing how you've been with our station pretty much when we very first started a few years ago and you guys had been here quite a few times and now you have eight diner. I hear that Buffalo, New York is eve theory great place to raise a family subpoenaed you guys had been here a lot I just moved here already come. Like you know it's funny because someone actually isn't there something about ecology like deduction or there's like you credit for free if you get a brief reaction like the guys really that desperate to get more people. That's that's it wasn't until I don't sounds like too good to feature to it's it's a real. That's like that's like that like for back home in Denmark where from its sole education and health care sultry. But done what she's Christians on the filming the Walking Dead so it would be hard. Unless. Can arrange a private jet we're not really on that level nominal pretend that we can do so flight deck as it sounds good you know what it feels really hard magic I'll make some calls. Bogut some sponsors and. Jack not I would love to I've I've I've really do love it up here I'd love the north like just in general. It really it's there's like in this old Jake. Brings you sort of back home to Scandinavian. I mean if it's that such a hard thing good question put me in the spot and down I'll have to think about it. Maybe when she gets older for college. They are being arrogant about seventeen years and I think yeah. You know years ago you guys do you play I once it was over Darian lake and then afterwards you came back to my place and we watch breaking bad. And that was the first time I ever saw that show and I got hooked and now I'm coming into better calls on watching that. So again you guys right now lol what is your television binge watched obsession. Why accidents there I finished dead publisher in night pretty much two days. Stranger things. Hyundai. Sadly of that. At a for knew it was punish I think just think in excellent chose not minutes of your show and it's really mega mansion you know like revenge and so it was awesome. Didn't didn't drink Beers but it during the coffee. At a yeah and not respond to that. It's strange things I'm an iron on the big thing to crime and Sunny Delight of those like. There was some something we just appeal and I just watched that was really you know and I'm not. I don't want an. Island not only was shown but it's and any time you can get to look at just revealed for the win win the annual I think you're opening group. You'll eat slept with Justin Timberlake and so yeah. I'll take that to update. Just like right here. This gets off I know I know I'm I'm a little behind the curve on its in his thirties now by just heard mr. world I don't know if you guys watch that. Fantastic. I've I've seen to this season it's really it's good it's good there's so many not so hard I. The last one I of course that the election Walking Dead which I looked at doing is not just during that because Christian. And then of course there's came thrown thousands often in on this last season because it's only TV shows right at the last time I really watch religiously. Was hand and main maid's tale. That's a political chances. You know that was one and I election I'm I'm behind having seen season to a stranger things or. Baskets that you guys jealous of that after a an AM knowing that done for our and it's all about that's a lot coming that's I wasn't he told me that you didn't watch breaking bad with like. Just wait. Back. If you guys registered and and David sort of Luke knew politics here hanging out with us they'll be for a tonight along with bishop breaks in part Courtney is nice one of the republic before Christmas let's get back into the unit shall guys thank you so much for that to some times and now with us we appreciate it. Thanks so much I don't know we've. You notes due fan may end this way you know we've we've had this field relationship with this area of the country know. Spoke quite a few years since we started over here so being back is is awesome for us and we've just been happy to be here. Networks had had his part because probable for Christmas let's do another one off loss translation. New politics of one of us it's all buffalo won a 7701047. Live from buffalo river works out. Gone. Anybody in. Even when your own. Yeah.