New Politics Part 2| Nik Rivers | Interview

Wednesday, November 29th

David Boyd, frontman of New Politics, chatted it up with our Nik Rivers, prior to their Night-1 performance at #TKBC 2017.

Part 2 of 2


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You politics and Harlem right there altered bubble of 107701047. And joining us on the front on the phone frontman of TK ABC 91 featured artist. New politics mr. David Boies and you guys just wrapped up your new album and put it out. Lost in translation congratulations on them and and thank you are my. You know as I've listened to it a little bit more. I I'm here a little bit different sound from you guys a little I don't wanna say it but a little bit more mature man. Was there a a conscious decision when you guys are put this record gather that you were gonna kinda take a little bit of a different path. I think they'll definitely there's definitely that element here I mean we wrote a kind of songs and these are kind of want to just trying to kind of stuck to little more yet site. Writing a record is very funny process especially in our bad. Because we don't really well we're not what we're very sort of all over the place. I don't mean at an you know in about wavered just very we only have. Formula you out on that it is what it is so I think I. I think we'll be right in general you know we ought portrayal traffic that it duke now and I think we shown a lot of that on the on the record but I think that this record I guess we've been doing this now. Basically about the end of the month we've been in this state for eight years. Which is incredible as you know this is our fourth record. You know you'd been there from the beginning show you how you know how much we toured and what not initially that striking I think it just all kind of. It's a part of that you know that process to achieve the growth and and I just had a baby. You know little baby girl so. I think all the things play into a period of twelve definitely. Yet I absolutely any Agile as the album in the new song color green in particular. You know he definitely touch on those elements of life of the you know as you've grown up as you matured as a person. On ending you know I mean and maybe it is NA hey we're gonna make a record sound as they are just that life took you down that path. Totally chilled and that was like riding at. Told them you know because we were like in the first master it silent cry then it. So some of the songs like I already in the long career like element polls trying to them like they need any you know and color green iguanas are absolutely. Specialty. He had congratulations on the little one I know you were very excited when you first told me about it and last time I saw your show me all the pictures I'm sure there's she's grown a little bits I'm sure this could be a whole new round of pictures later this week Venezia. Oh at. They've got all my phone now with the idea that gets bigger the bigger sized memory and a lot of the Lugar. LPR. A figure it out. And yeah actually in a perfect. A new politics to me plank of bubble before Christmas night one this Thursday at buffalo river works along with Barnes Courtney and bishop Briggs David Pollard David Boyd on the phone with us. And another thing I want to touch on I have personally not a huge fan of the show but I hear you major acting debut is a zombie on the Walking Dead recently. I did I was up you know I actually did I would welcome back it because you are Christian Slater beat them. I'm watching that you I was able you know can definitely the end and it was super fun they we I mean it was. Sure getting off of that as. I mean even guys in it for just about every second that that I if I gave it my all and make it took about eight hours from. Collison outlawed forever with 32 part. Yeah I mean why. Absolutely and that's who you are at the end of the I know what I wanna last times you were out here you were just playing Milwaukee big game on your phone like constant sound and you clearly are banned. Totally that is all of. Anything side you're gonna be. I gotta keep a bit of my you to live. Somehow I know not all of us can say that we did that by being part of a television shows a congratulation the net. Good stuff well we are looking towards India on Thursday it's gonna great lineup bishop breaks is gonna be here Barnes court he's going to be here and of course you guys from new politics. And out for you those you haven't seen them before they put on a fantastic yeah he will not be disappointed tickets though available altered both dot com. David mandates would take its time not your day we're looking forward to seeing here a couple days and come back to buffalo once again. Thank you make love you can't wait to hang out in the end everyone and we'll see you buffalo. Yeah we're excited that it. They stated end. This Thursday at buffalo river works let's get back into the ditch right now do another one for new politics Alter album lost in translation this is color green.