New Politics - Part 1|Nik Rivers|Interview

Wednesday, November 29th

David Boyd, frontman of New Politics, chatted it up with our Nik Rivers, prior to their Night-1 performance at #TKBC 2017.

Part 1 of 2


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It's altered above all 17701047. The current bubble before Christmas night number one. Is coming up this Thursday in doubt we're very excited to have the light at that we got bishop breaks Barnes Courtney and good friends of ours who played two outdoor some worker fumbles but this is their first or probable for Christmas. A new politics and joining us on the phone right now good friend of mine mr. David Boyd how our user. I am nick how are you. Man I'm good it's it's hard to believe I don't know about you but I can't believe it's like already Thanksgiving and Christmas and holidays are upon us like this year's completely flown by. And I've been saying and a trait that people are already well. Adding up to Chris and. It's and I know it's absolutely ridiculous like I think gets up in the in the stores like back before Halloween sometimes I get every now Aaron if the tickets sooner and sooner men. Thanksgiving never get the chance to really be a holiday. Is this true this is true you know I think I got. As you'd like giving you grew up in Denmark and now you've been in the states for awhile what's the biggest difference you see around holidays like from grown up there and how things are here in America. I think it. Like. The American holidays art which really phenomenal they really make you guys really make should be out of debt that is like fun and something to look forward to such that I really liked. Did you did you not have that aspect like it was a kind of just like at Christmas is here whatever when your grown up. I mean it's like Halloween wasn't something that that was around when I was growing up it's something that's starting recently coming here in the past like ten years it's become more popular. But there and Thanksgiving of course we don't have we just neglected. And. Right makes you could. Elect or six. Luckily he can walk down street and they should like how can literally got like. An eclectic put out all they you know they make like. A lot of the early cool that's that I let. Right out yeah house is stores. Television and at. Ever Wimbledon holidays here at. I get a hole like it's. It's a ping you kind of which make sense I mean you got to have things like that I I thought it. Holiday talk for David Boyd of new politics out. Let's get into some two days from then this is Harlem the welcome back and chat new album with David Boyd it's all public.