Misterwives | Brandi | Interview

Thursday, September 7th

Brandi chats with Misterwives about their upcoming ABBS performance!


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Hello how are you guys doing today and carry it. We're doing very gut excited to have you here for our fourth birthday celebration meal puffed lubrication on September 12 your first time buffalo. I think he looked. I don't remember very clearly never. We are opening night had a great why can't we let our people and I can't help them. We can't wait daddy here you had your new album out connect the dot I have to ask you because for me people that are first time seen you here in buffalo and they don't meeting Nell that you are such a big band you have six members and how do you make sure that on an album everybody gets you express themselves but I'll sell that here expressed collectively as a group how do you manage that. A good question I. Pretty old school band but I felt like Alec and of the bond and bring it Urquhart pollen from there we were together at our very open Q ideas everything and been able everybody pretty big part or whatever instrument they'd play. And our very creative work pretty hard on state of pretty easy it. Is our honor is an amazing pretty fair now get out where are that beginning date is he outweighed. Incredible for eastern we're tired at all uninspired I want others you know created uses it work. It's got to help to ruin your grammar is also your producer as well. Yet and I'm Ali all being audited. Your multi towns and so what other towns do you have would you share at six. And younger children. And Aaron Arctic air seatbelt and built. Now entry error occurred out. Still would you be able to juggle Florence appeal of lubrication. We got assistance after I don't. I don't know recalled and I have to correct you know. What. There. So you guys they're about to embark on a big tour that's gonna officially kick off on September 21 of course we're gonna get to see you here at Yelp up deliberate they show a few weeks prior but how do you prepare for that tore Heidi get yourself in the right mind sat to begin a tour. I mean we just basically get in there were hurtful and what we get a rehearsal these I think that from Vermont created at all yet he had come a little we murder coming out of the blue accurately Ali. You ever think it is I have heard your Alley and the statement he let it get out I think. I get to the matter like your anger that they and how it I think I'm about why it popped again. Quietly he said you're always in that mindset because you have a reputation for being a really dead triumphant live act to sell I'm excited for all family here and I'd just be able to see guys aren't. Maybe for first timers can you trying give us a description of like what they're gonna see at Yelp up liberty shell Kirk easy described the you know the feeling in the energy that you bring on stage. And it'll be a lot let. You. Get that out and I'll. Operable even if they don't aren't they we'll try to get them to think about it haven't you won eight. And out banned party basically it very colored ball at Barkley Courtney bet. Your rainbow I would act. Acting like ready does not appear that your work. That's another thing yet my that I have to get in saint security. A lot of running and jumping typing and Brad and my favorite greatly. So for people listening to this interview they should know that they should come dressed and lots of color lots of glitz right. Yet but apparently avatar. At the mark solid out of it and and in my bank is. A water yeah yeah got to eat properly hydrate. Net yeah. This again too as are all up elaborate they shows so it's our fourth birthday and I got to ask you guys what is. Maybe your favorite birthday memory favor pretty party did you shared some of those memories with us. The last eight yen purely you're pretty are very funny bit. In July you aren't that great crowd etiquette at all and that. I I'm EJ yeah good let me think they are here. In the past and parties. And the like party. I'm you know Korea. And other guys from work that it. Will his team or leave. It. A load that it had to began. Did you guys take like prom pictures to. Oh yeah I had a big that he leave gap and a photo that bank either they think and I take it they're pretty. Our. I had read a story that you guys actually formed because Mandy you were looking for an eighties cover band for your birthday party is that right. Aren't all that's it. Everything got started I. On the block one bedroom apartment will is looking like a week later but happy veterans that. A great friendship and not creepy stranger that I don't know what I didn't. Right well. I'm so very shortly after that and I got a better judgment would like to allow that went straighter into order how her life. Having known me for approximately a week. Yeah active and very bad but I'm glad it worked out good. I'm glad that it all worked out and we're still excited here odd to see you guys September 12 at Butler who works to deal a couple of birthday shell everybody very lazy guys. I. Heard it. A little party hard obese and juggle saying it'll be a time. You back there I see it we're at our young. Well we have some. And I know I don't want to have. No clowns know clowns that deal up elaborate Asia. He is so much up for talking today and hope we can't we easiest number. You know.