Matt & Kim | Interview

Tuesday, June 12th

#Kerfuffle 2018 featured artist Matt & Kim , checked in with Nik Rivers, to chat about their upcoming apperance at Kerfuffle,Kim's ACL injury, the 92' Dream Team and more.


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It's altered about what 107701047. As promised I joining us on the phone right now love friends of the program maker for the 2018 featured artist mag cam how are you guys. We didn't get it. Get back here for myself the that a day. Absolutely get I mean while I wouldn't expect anything let's do you guys it's at its bit minute since our paths have crossed. And a lot and it's gone on in your world since then. An amber and you probably told the story quite a few times since it happened but I'm gonna rewind things back to a a dark day in Mexico win came tore her ACL let's go back to that point. How it all go down as we all know you guys go hard every time you go onstage to finally caught up TI guess. Yeah a quick really long time but I'm not invincible. I would I would but beg him. I've yeah I had it we had actually taken a long winter on which we don't normally do and it was our first show back. And it was the first five seconds of the show and bad. Yeah I'd I'd be jumping up our right there in some and they at this stage and up where it not normally. Until at oh while the straddle it and I came ballot but sport but the bottom half when one land that popped up on the other had. Goodness now I mean you know I mean and I can it's quite relate to this like I I've broken my ankles a combined five times but it's not because I go hard on stage I'm just a clumsy idiot. It's a belief that you don't know I I five times three on one side to on the other side and a couple of them were kinda sports injuries when I was younger in the other probably three times were drinking injuries obelisk putting it back. I like YouTube aren't they. Now I guess out says Elliott nobody else. But I you know AA did the recovery time you know way. I guess I know that part of it I know the worst of all I had to have like a complete reconstruction I was down by atomic about tomorrow's a good like thirteen months. Before eyes back to normal so. Hi with your recovery time I'm assuming you guys I mean you went off thirty kind of disappear for a bit I mean you had a quite a bit of a high eight is there a will upper band that lives out on the road I mean you guys have been going at this for a long time your continually Torre. What did you do with all the downtown. I hated it but I did. I don't like sitting still and it's definitely board that to have been armed. So actors that depression or how hard. We started writing music I like it very him wait is that after the press you were off while lapping at the same time right. But yet it would be ill we thought during that recovery. Are we kid. Write the music and it took a couple mutt we had to get through the work that it. Therefore be it really again by. You know let it gave let that new perspective. To write a new album probably can do it it would not only. Build your perspective that we are alike of retired too bad that that was up the road and and how much we should appreciate. You know while B get cute bit. Would also like the alien came at the end. Then there's so much other bad headline showing up of the court the 2017 that. I feel like. The album with kind of like lead he's out and depth we had to get out and it felt really get it. Right that it gave you guys just tuning in right now on the phone with us Maggie and they're going to be joining us once again down a canal side her focal 2018. Speaking of the new album and new music let's do one of the new ones off the new record right now is what's called glad I tried it's on all buffalo 10771 of force and one of 2.5 HD two. It is altered about low end up on the phone with Oscar public when he T featured artist Matt thank him. Ballot right there off the new record glad I tried I I gotta say I've been saying this every time I play this on it that it contains my favorite lyric of 2018 so far like the 92 dream team I actually a while back who came up with that worded it come from. Love outlive. How did that come up I mean we are not in. I need a third the word that he had big bird and a bit picky and with others ring. But that also really made that joke that liars the produce search that was the three of a get together with like the dream. Yeah. And then I did I you know I have those eight memory from being a little kid and battle it that would. Wouldn't it deeper it starts with the papers are me. It exactly you know the funny thing has an a in my memory the dream team when I was a kid of my parents would take me to McDonald's and they had the 92 dream team they they had their faces on the cups. And I want to collect all their cops that was my goal was to get all the 92 dream team cops and then when that layer came in in the song I had flashbacks of getting like magic Johnson and Michael Jordan cups from McDonald's so that's for some reason that's what that's on reminds me up now self so they got there is association. You remember if you ever got them all I never did I net they're the one I remember when I was missing was Patrick Ewing and never got the Patrick Ewing cop so they're got the. Godaddy Laettner has eight Patrick yearly in green ninety Adrian came up pretty panic at that. Ray get thicker up all the. There you go I would love to complete the collection at odds mediocre couple tickets are available online at altered a buffalo dot com so. Of course as I get rated talk to you guys up do my research out there I the on the interwebs in the wondered as Wikipedia and I didn't realize this as I stumbled upon at that. You guys have been doing this for fourteen years now I that that kind of blew my mind that's like. I don't think you guys have been having been around that that long and you know when you guys first start this off did did you. I mean obviously you want to do a long time did you think you would reach you know your teenage years as a traveling into whirring and recording musicians. Oh not another chance pirate those wondering how ugly can get them like that we still get the due. Date but I. I never thought we'd take the minute you never in the cards but. I mean that's that big a lot of people don't know we did it because they won't until around 2010. But until around eight years ago that it became a little about the craft it was so underground played people statement that Lindsey Graham and our beat is that we are chose them. But that that we thought it would only be an it would strip in around 2009. And when. The grand album came out with daylight Google fashion nightmare and button Clarendon. Terri changed their beat. You you know what is the what are the biggest things that. Looking back on that time when you guys you know when that didn't really break through like back in 20092010. Till now. That I think in the world really is social media. You know back when you know that started you know you really I mean EL MySpace was a thing but like you know it's it's a really a 24 sevenths cycle now with. You know NC Graham and Twitter and snapped happen all that. How has ever we got to change your guys grabbing you guys are out they're doing it all the time I see things on Twitter. You know you guys or is posts and videos there's tours of your apartment you guys are really embrace that side of things how important is it to yet to be. Acted out there on social media and how is that changed what you guys do. Well I I they hypnotic went at it that bird name that corporate name Matt Kemp like we want it beyond earth main date that. We did with people who live until that it. I think it might be connection that you can make that better day and at its budget but to be able to connect out with people around the world but yet we could do you might. Log on YouTube. Camera. W Greek Japanese debut on wrecked forty episodes then they're the third of the bowed out in our life let you know all. We're at met him everywhere else but. The thing is tempered over air there. If I don't like kids you absolutely cannot put that. That is gone you are. Then she will absolutely put it and people love it label. That's how I know public people like you did how much uncomfortable it makes me feel. I think in a weird way that's the nature of the social media beast now you know Yi Yi Yi yet have. I can because they way it's like I don't know I should put this out there and then you do and then everyone loves it I'm like like I guess that's the way the world works these days to weird day. It's weird that nagged him on the phone with us June 16 down a canal side they will be joined by it all nation family of the year Manchester orchestra. Robert along Taking Back Sunday and more tickets are available. And altered a buffalo dot com so so this is an odd thing I as I was looking on the Internet for you guys and I just randomly Google map and came and I'm scrolling down the page and videos and all these results that come up. And randomly one of the weird things ally that was on the page was an interview of Kim Kardashian and on Alan I don't know how they got into the mix of Matt and Kim but we got talked to Google bought back is that does not belong on the bank Himmler I just want to throw that out their four. So totally. I didn't. No real ballot is there anything about an alone or. I was offered reality as well but they here's the worst thing I fell down the rabbit hole and I watch the interview. It wound up update let's do another dramatic give go back to that album we urges talk about couple minutes ago here is daylight at all buffalo 107701047. Heard about the low 10771047. Per bubbled 2018. Just a few more days away and now on the phone with us. One of the featured artist mag can make your return to buffalo of course they played. Occur bubble before Christmas few years ago and this time they returned to canal side in your guys this showdown a canal side. I must say probably it's about three years ago at this point. Still want the most talked about canal side shows you guys are now the reason that they remove the street signs from that venue for summer shows as Knology diagnose. That's clay clay to claim to pay him right at that. Yeah I can't I think it is that challenge in how we gonna make it even crazier than a year what can we get them removed neck. But I have. The ticket trees out now they're gonna actually put him enters Napa wield the trees out of there or something. Com above her for those of you who have not seen mag Kimmel live it's an absolute party they never disappoint you guys put on a great show we are we're super excited have you guys back down here once again. I failed to act on memory of that last pavlik now but I do it a black. Bit I mean if people are still wild they would their street side thing but yeah I. That exact look we blocker our audience though but below note put up. Absolutely do we're looking forward to it. One last thing I god touch on an aid it's. You guys did a fantastic job with that all meal Wallace Vincent Vega the video you guys put up online there about happy if your happy. How did that come about because it's a fantastic. Fantastic thing that you guys they would decide by cyber poll fiction whose idea was it in is there any chance you guys are gonna be doing ally. I happen. I can't say I could go Rick Belli did leave Green Bay beat payment they have been from pulp fiction. Where that mean if they get big Q avert a happy you're happy. And I wanted to beat something with dancing in and out looking they admit they had been removed it. I've realized. Me as. A very much did not dance there. The only person I can really mimic in their can't boot it someone who act CNET that they are on Arab and at the moment what do. John are both believe blip in the movie they buried that debuted at elect back I mean they have been I can and and then we noted the backbeat is big back believe the same length of that saw him this short Bob the minute 492 yourself and and we found no big Bergkamp. And I look back in math. They were really was fantastic get a it was at the first time I saw an online I did know what to expect him when you guys had him up their side by side as they it was really really was amazing so. Hats off to you guys are mag give on the phone with us thank you so much for taking your time hire days they Hubert coming back to buffalo we always appreciate when you guys come here work side to have yet is particle toppled 2008 team. We'll pay you guys then.