Marian Hill | Interview

Tuesday, June 12th

#Kerfuffle 2018 featured artist Marian Hill , checked in with Brandi to chat about their upcoming apperance at Kerfuffle.


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We are so excited to have Marion hill here in buffalo for Kirk waffle. June 16 can't come soon enough and and we did you hear it not too long ago but a lot is not happened since that. The first time ever heard Marion hill was your single one time and when I first heard it obviously such a unique sound and you're trying to like put your finger on it and describe it it's like something I've heard before and I haven't is brand new. It's like classic and yet modern cell Heidi you try and describe your sound because it's so unique. Aren't they that was that was pretty accurate. We we really go back again a modern saying that like it's certain earlier but it earlier. I'm and I let art but work on your front and Lee are up for our basic ever partner with. We kind of stumbled into it it was just one of many eat that made it any different dial. The salmon that responding here. Com but it got such a good reception that it may not a right OK we can be a ban we do that and he'd be like. This is the template. We need to make arrests are not kind of originate here growth not now though it like Dan Opel is there the under produced in just bear really alive but patrol there are big problems they like clothes I beat banks like lightly pollute. Aren't any. Lots of interest to chop that to try to put things forward in terms of where music and pop are now. Want the same time. Keeping things prospect. And you guys had known each other for quite some time and he Nikko back to high school together so. When's it like that musical. Fusion kind of sync up. Yeah I mean it is really late sleeper I. I think for me out of college and there it and it is up but when he tried. Eat it. PM EU. I was there is an editor at the time late enough that you really are. Are logically it sure they're at it very well the pulpit that we know any other long. Ball like. Play each other's arms or non and they in college we started working out but every now and we had a pretty. Longstanding. Relationship where we talked about. Brakes are that that bang but with you with a burst at all really caught and belt like a really special and a picnic at like. Tramp Bambang Europe an early lead them to. I definitely is very special and we refer to our listeners as the aisle family. And ever since he started playing you know one time they just Arabs faster at that I think because it is so. Different and obviously from there you guys released down which obviously blew up maybe more than you expected it to what. Being featured on the apple air pod commercial. The that. The. I ain't selling how do you handle being the most number one Suzanne song in and things like that. I think we just curled lip we we got a lot this year for a little bit that really caught. Our music a wider audience that we have all our. And I think it was really validating distrust because we always made the music that we bank. I'm really cool it feels really adjusting and like. Like we are our apple or what our balance. But we never made stop being like. This will be a big radio thing we do need to pick out one of the big radio Oly. Felt like it was a perfect introduction electorate. So it eat more perfect earth to be such a big thing Olympic moment it's really. And it's really gratifying for that happen arm coming up what it says. Being really up epic so we wanted to. So I want to talk a little bit about your new album and as usual how excited are you for this new album. Different. I think that it is it lifted the songs along which is true but they are not our earth. There are many albums but we're certainly it even letting them with they've been playing a lot of quiet out. We're ready to get it out there are people to be able to I have been a lot. They're all really get you are really proud that we wrote like. Barrier or restart the destructive. And work trying to figure out how to Whittle it down and it won or an hour just like we'll let should eat like. How many songs that we're sure we need honor at and that worked out about Iraq had that happen like very quickly. These these are all like one that we unanimously agree it on the outlook really there are about to sell art that amount urged. And you guys are all super creative. And you've been releasing like little sneak peek previews of each year's songs leading up to this album and I just wanna know Heidi get Canada concept to come up with these like little videos in little previews of that. I'm more the idea started because we we have some time where prepping for the campaign. And we were thinking there's always that demand Ehrlich content like lyrics videos or whatever it may be in the past it and that. Like trying to make about such. In the moment after the facts just putting together whatever we. And we let the idea of really being calculated about it and taking part are it and I think really cool way. Build out the world that the outlook. That so would be epithet but it came to a stirring once preached on and that it was just really fun and creative process where. Our creative directors backed Al that are trying to market college. Where we just worked to generate a bunch of ideas but the episode that that was quite the same thing we want the music at duke but let it be. Surprisingly inevitable take something normal unfamiliar and pro and on a hat and make you feel like well what's happening. Well that's exactly how I felt when I watched the sun opening video I was like wow OK this is cool on thank you yeah how we just we just can't wait to see you guys. You know live here in person for her file on it and I'm wondering if you can kinda tell our listeners you know what they can expect to experience and they see married he'll take the stage Decker powerful. Lot of back and replay we are very talented at that age friend Bateman and packed you got it. And they're pictured. And a lot of down pool. That well our listeners are ready to bring that energy per share because it's starting out as an early day. I mean there's nine vans and they're ready to dance they organized beat totally ready for married Valentine and hurry now. I'm it didn't I did. Well I think you guys so much for joining us age chatting about the new album and I'm telling you the alt dammit beep prepped and ready with all the new songs to sing back to Jack her thoughtful. How it may have been a lot of people right out of them. Austin we can't wait to hear them.