Mansionair | Interview

Tuesday, June 12th

#Kerfuffle 2018 featured artist Mansionair , checked in with Nik Rivers, to chat about their upcoming apperance at Kerfuffle, their music, and more.

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I'd seen other drilled republic coming up in just a few days and as promised joining us on the phone right now from group couple featured artist. Midge there it is locked and I do mine and. I am very well into her shattered. Bride odds are we're looking. You guys here in the states and yet you come into us all the way from Australia a place I have never been to I inspired to get there at some point in my lifetime in I am jealous that that is what you call all my man. Well what. I got to ask caddied for you it's eight X it's been you grew up there but what is it like living in Australia admitted to me that's like a dream scenario growing up there. Yeah it's it's people like I think you know we didn't think there are here a little bit and I feel like actually maybe they'll Australian bird is an actor comes at them. That wouldn't be let. Off easy because it always attribute way. And there Carrie he thought it. There. And I'll either voted like. Growing up to you know we grew up that a lot of the page. It should be so well at it and yet as it about the security. Bet you'd look like the. You know as your started it out there now and you're traveling the world as a musician and you're seeing other things what what's the biggest thing that your notice saying it is a difference between being in Australia at home in being out here whether it's United States or in Europe. Urgent piano were every you guys are going like what's the biggest thing you mess. The book but they didn't get. The current debate these women don't Australia Lyle. And we asked out of earlier sort of an old Bay. City. Are you come to America Kurt he's tried what make it to the next eight hours to trot out ought to be struck about a lot of and that is you know what the population out audited. If it it's almost the iPod Shirley. I think it's too good this year number equals a lot because he's. Asian. Edgy guys just tune in La log a permit an air on the phone with us are gonna be played her public or June 16 that canal cited. Diving into the music side of things. A little bait you guys just released the video for your latest single of pilot city couple weeks back. The first off I guess they visually stunning their man I I I really love what you guys did with the video. When you. You know it's kind of a different day and age right now when when your writing a song in like it's. It's not just music anymore I mean there's so many aspects to whether it's you know video Ford or the Internet or air social media when you. Her writing a stronger are you visualizing in your head saying man we got to make it a different space with this like do you have the video in mind when you're doing here is that. Something that kind of comes down later down the rook is what you guys do with the video was absolutely amazing. We will be sure that we should not releasing other prettier joked that Sebelius felt certain. All we need now is riding the work Sierra. Could videos up on a second straight. Aaron try and there are at the idea developed sort of charted by. Other other birdies rather shocked over the weird like China and that it almost like. Since the spill over to try and chart that little oil pollution. Everything but the need to get you over talking as individuals and could tell alluded to the door as well out of alluded to it's hard as well so that's that's something that we had a lot of astronaut a pilot's seat of the box to think it is about. That's what we just about to be regional water. A deadly gives the a different perspective to view this on let's do a we're talking about a vote thus block them from an mention air this is by at city we are altered about. Alternate bubble 10 seven's that 1047 nut culpable featured artist mention air right there with violent city on the phone with us. Lot went for the band tickets still available at altered in buffalo dot com so I'm you know I I've been looking to rattle but on the Internet checking out some stuff you dead. And oh what I think I saw recently you guys did a cover of one of my favorite songs over the last couple of years. Seasons for future islands what what party guys to pick that one out of all things in the future islands. And my eyes not necessarily one of the biggest bands of the world but what led you to future islands and doing that song. GR it was it was around. He's Edgar earlier by a little quote light you'll buy your we got the letter. It took the league development I would love that song and Europe is one of these things where. About the way they tackle well we look to you that there could be all the other side of it we support our business slowed it down a bit. Try to make it a bit more elbow. No it looked collect basic doll. Rather. Try to cover the beat of Paul patent it but never. Heard it would attract. They're out there it's good article are disposable that covers the what I'm over it. A lot of live from engineer on the boat thus they're coming its outlook or bubble June 16 down a canal side tickets available. Online at a alternative buffalo dot com a one nation family of the year Manchester orchestra myriad hill mag Kim Roberts along to more gonna be joining him on stage. On June 16 downtown buffalo. So talk and more music stuff on that throw our random question now Najaf. Favorite song lyric of all time. Are such that such a big questions are a lot. Of great on Warrick. They're under butcher our liberty our. Exactly where that that would be great but it is quote unquote. All their particular. Org about Clark quite poetic in court beautiful. What are prepared it puppet like I'll see you out. In a bit. Right absolutely the that's a great thing about music to every depending on your mood that that that question I just that she could completely change five minutes from now you can be Anatoly different mood here and have a toll different answer that question. So it's not bad well we we are looking forward to you guys come to town here we're looking forward to. Seeing you like I mean I've to do this for quite some time each time I do one of these shows there's a handful of bands on the line up that never seem before you guys fall into that category and as I'm watching these videos and listening to the music I am looking forward to it more and more so. Deadly looking forward to seeing you guys June 16 near buffalo you guys abuse if you've been about the forests as Amir first time here. People here are we we pop there one part of it correlated surplus but we. It never got to Mexico had a censor the Indian. But the popular sites that are so so. I really I'd have to aren't here at your theory about what. Good stuff now here's the question for you being being from the other side of the globe did they have buffalo wings and Australia is that a thing down there. Wheaton for other there. It is the leader logical. A what I mean there is that this is wherever this is where they originated there is a little bar here in the 1960s this is the original spot where they originated was in Buffalo, New York so you may have actually. Go to the bar where they were originate and you could say you were a that you had the original buffalo wing. A. You have no idea. Awesome elevate givers gig to die by your day and every look forward to seeing you guys and a couple of weeks in yeah let's do another one for mansion near right now this is the one that out probably introduce you guys the band it is astronaut here. A lot of big he's a much take your time hired that. Nor crater that it absolutely beloved job you guys in.