Manchester Orchestra | Interview

Wednesday, June 13th

Andy Hull of #Kerfuffle 2018 featured artist Manchester Orchestra, checked in with Nik Rivers to chat about their upcoming apperance at Kerfuffle.


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Altered buffalo won a 771047. And as promised joining us on the phone frontman a proposal 2018 featured artist and all around good guy mr. Andy hall how are your brow. Her worry not to admit it's been awhile since we last chat and a lot's been going on in the world of Manchester orchestra. I got ask questions about the the new record all knew her record I should say at this point black now to the surface which now is on my list as my number two favorite Manchester albums it's moved up and it really quick man. But I wanna can ask behind it when you guys you know you went from Coke into this record in this record as I listen to it like the songs are big aid their their epic there grand. Was with that potential choice to go that way sonic cleared it just kind of come about as the process is happening. There's definitely attention and turned it to me except what we were deodorant and push ourselves you know sort of out of our comfort zone. And our problems down the article and all of the cool people there really guitars and emphasize. The emotion. And that the biggest senate. Our challenge our outlook than it looked well let go of them side by strictly back you know and not. Depending on the tools we used to get their core and they'll discern it and that the eight months according went aren't and I am in Italy sort of stumbled into. And got close to the danger we had her head because. Very cool you know it's it's it's you talk about the you know the big guitars and you're trying to get that day using those as an expression it's. What they have got a notice a lot today in music is that a lot of kids you know there there isn't as much Qatar influence is there was when I was growing up I mean when I grew I when I was kid I wanna pick up the guitar and you know in B Iraq's RI I didn't make it there but that was my intention and a lot of these kids today they do it electronically anyway what were your head space out with the the new generation that's up and coming in how they make their music. I mean everything should be involved in now all the time so I I think it's a positive. And everything's also. Cyclical so I think that that that certain things will come back. You know I think like. The beat goes to imagine there we all these sort of instrument. The interview that what the future it server called it like it's as it turned into an exciting people argued that. Haven't been heard before. You know there's something really incredible about guitar hidden in the way that it expresses illness and gluten. Our political don't go anywhere so it's cool to see people doing really well as well. Cool you have to get access to the new record a little bit so the story of it with lead South Dakota and the experiments that went on there what what you down that path and and wanted to to write music. About that because I did actually not heard of historical album came out an album came out I read in a little bit more and yell my mind started blowing up and I'm like how how did you come about this. A lot of like happy accident you know that turned into a slight exception. If you know it started with just. A picture that read seen and to direct the picture you know that you're but I'll name and it certainly shall code term of the skirt quick little Google look back. Can just solve it our all the sudden certainly that is an escalation in extremely rich and felt that all sorts that scifi. Interest in stuff that's gone on little naive in front or just kind of that happening there that's the super futuristic and you know I knew that. And neither record is going to be based on family and the connections in certain to circle like so. I loved that you were taking place. In this place at what and I don't count him simply expect sort of explore and aggregate size arm and it was quoted stepped out of my own. Pattern right it's different characters you know wrapped up director. They did a fantastic job within it like it is the story as well it is pretty fascinating it's by my album came out. Last year in speaking of scifi stuff on appear and all but the new season the twin peaks came out around the same time. Ed that you album kind of melted together for me so I was happy accident in that case. That's really funny thing is that we were. Explain producers are meeting before we started late in the record setting your sort of what to make a twin peak the album desperate call up such great. Mission accomplished and think. If you guys are just him and an anti hold Manchester works for joining us on the phone other gonna be played of course a couple June 16 the canal side all the info you need that. Online altered buffalo back on itself. I was watched some videos the other day you guys played shaky knees down in your hometown of Atlanta in just a crowd. I watch that video of them singing along with the gold or what was that like to be doing that in front crowding your hometown. Yeah I mean I don't think I really realized it was a moment and tell electronic media and asserted in his own. Can't remember you know the next court order a little bit the picture that we are male and upper orbit. And you know it's so loud and states that I didn't it didn't the scope look at it not shut get a little thicker sock a few pictures. What it looked like Internet video ever artistry let a really cool feeling after. Years of working you know and plant in the ground and catch their perception on. Awesome stop so we we threw it out there to the Twitter universe. We asked then if you could ask any questions though. This one comes from not Amy C app I am corona and she wants and help. About the titles of the songs on the new album all the songs start with the word though with the exception of lead South Dakota. Why the variation for just that once on why the other ones were just the dollar was that a planned out thing is well. He had sort of like the little. Underdog and I'm really speedy repair some little cart luckily we have adequate and look out. Certainly not too. The count. That allowed the record is taking place as inspired by. You know bought at their rhetoric felt like a book or movie Jimmy. And different chapters so. There per order ideas that. I see I really love what I can't see it stepped hadn't. Taken that the BearingPoint turn myself and that's archivists current time that. Do all the cool things you know an acting god. Got you on. She actually had a second partner question as well apparently she's a writer in the first thing she broke was your review of means and mean everything to nothing that actually got published. It was her first published article she still has that you want to know she brings to the show if you would sign up for our report of course that. Alison bad very cult. In the hole for me have Manchester orchestra on the phone with us they are lakers awful June 16 now all the tickets and ample on the website alternative buffalo dot com so you know it's likely that what we're talking about earlier growing up you know like I said I was you know want to be Iraq's our guitar. Was the instrument of vinyl was the means that I listen to my music when I'm educated and involved and cassettes and CDs or your vinyl fan at all. Yeah I am and you know it's funny because I was really serve badly cut. Really the only way that you're selling a physical product of something it's cool but it's turned into. I accepted to relax sit back and focus on music and listen to the fact that you're the parent sort of correctional just about. And it's also picked I think for an upcoming generation it's like remembered it it's the coolest likes souvenir you can have access courtyards Stosur I think. Absolutely you know I mean hey I grew up with my mom's record so like I still have her copy of the white album from you know we re back in the sixties which is great I was kind of like that like you have it in your hands your opening it up -- looking at in your experience at so it takes that is reality to a whole different level than. A whole generation knows today Sosa I'm with you as well like I'm excited that it's coming back do you have a final collection personally air. I do but it's so sort of scattered across the country but what about my my favorite. Here at home than currently it is new south to settle at backup Adam. But now I've I don't go after now. A ton of stuff just certain records that are very important to me. Right now what's what's the favor when they you have your collection. Probably my mom. Led Zeppelin collection this situation that's in part of that critical step. That is fantastic man very nice any old Manchester orchestra with us on the phone here today. One more question for a keyword in the music industry if you weren't making records for a living and do what you love what would you want to do. Well I think Edwards turn find a way that help people. And intra day and to be funny. Katie helped people would laughing. Go mad I could see that we can all use a good laugh and you know in a weird way. It's funny like I got into the side of things being on the radio and talking to people and eyes and an and it weird you'd sense I'm like how I'm sharing that music with them besides kind of in a I think I'm held a ripple Natalie as well so. You know by my mom's like doctor Michael I can help people this way too you know right there at. Exactly exactly what they do you predict the time about your day we are excited to see you guys appear June 16 act now side. Manchester orchestra best of luck with the record while you're out there on the road and now look at four seed here a couple weeks. Think Baylor beat out there and appreciate it.