Madisen Ward & The Mama Bear | Interview

Tuesday, July 24th

Brandi chats with Madisen Ward and Ruth Ward of Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear as they gear up for their performance at Brews and Wines on the Water!

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Paper and you have to go to Madison. Came Madison how are you Dylan. They don't produce you're dragging Ariel. How are you group. It it's so good to have you both here on on the phones dated talked you guys because. Were sold say they have you for presume lines in the water on Saturday. And a little fun fact actually on this day a two years ago now you guys were here for Kirk awful and buffalo. Well wryly yeah. It's going to be is that to do de orbit due performance. It's actually today that you hear about self and be your two year anniversary almost when you're here on a Saturday. Well. I think we can now arranged. The other you know you get your little bruised. Well so it's Bruce and lines so I think you know champagne we can make that happen. Do you look at the blue waters my bum wraps order look like he did a lot of. That might be a little bit harder but you well on. There's a lot of siders maybe they can make shift something into in a lot of. In the big should the original well below fighter. You never know you never know what's gonna have an ad present wife on the water it's a really chill of that and I think you guys urges. The perfect band to be kind of the soundtrack to bruised and winds on the water. Long that made it very much the fuselage. And you know to go back to when you were here. For current bubble in 2016. I mean it was two years ago. A lot has happened since then and you guys are releasing a new EP on Friday called the radio winners were so excited to hear that. Oh cool yeah it's definitely been. A really cool journey you know illusion song writing and co writing and just touring and everything like. We've always been. More than appreciative of the support we've always gotten from buffalo it's been one of our you know strongest supporters so we look at. Likewise we love you know. I asked you know how did you come up with the EP titled the radio winners. Well you know what Ramallah asserted well it certainly you know travel. Over and we didn't realize. You know if you like that you overheard spur route. How broker someone who Kamal was norgay. Got to Kabul radio letters back here. It to come they alone over. The coach Billy and I just never knew what that I didn't I didn't know. They get in the oil water and outlined. Nobody wanted to radio. How about it is an attitude and I just out of interest in him. The radio winners just title started kind of permeating. In my head in the united. We kind of worked just jokingly calling our back where the battle. For like two years mr. sandwich you know absolutely and put Hillary dealers who wouldn't have to do but we just decided he couldn't. I like analog because I mean obviously that's. The business where and so you know it's super cool we get to hook up our listeners with you know contests and they get to meet a dam like that's I think it's cool. That you chose that for your EP. Thank you very much and Lucretia we would look at. And so I asked you how is this EP different than skeleton crew because. It seems like it's I did get a sneak preview that that was out there are so I got to listen to a little bit and it. And it sounds like you definitely expanded. And kind of like a grander sound on this EP. Yeah definitely we were trying to find a way that we should kind of sin brings up to the next level. Vote buying. What simultaneously. Maintaining you know our own created instinctively reduce that. It becomes very daring you know you have to trust people who are working with sort of in sort of get out your copper zone and also in the we've got ourselves doing working on this the piece. In the ultimately it was buried you know rewarding your yeah we you know we hope people really. Bill or feel our. You know. Meta portable moderate. How did it all. But ultimately. You know it was there's a journey try to. You know navigate views you know unfamiliar waters and industry trying to release and open up to the next level in the yeah I was. Joke is so credibility you all don't go away if it to stay ready and we're we're gonna call when we're complex equal anyway and an army and people are crazy. That's basically he's trying to. Out. Of the week it. Great. I enjoy it didn't look look what they doubted the more. And we will work with an equity position. An article in the fire yeah. You both mentioned that you worked with you know the musicians who worked at the also the producers of this call around for the EP. You worked with some of that writers that are on nationals were all Taylor says producer at the Lanier's producer what was it like. To be working with these people on the CP. Absolutely critical. News deserves you know some of the most you know talented and data able. So the people that you were yelling while also down Bernard governor's people. And ultimately you know everybody who watched her in the world and it is working the other girl you know. You know pick up in more religious people. Working together but I mean it's a little weird injuries the grammys and if but yeah they. In league champion over the green it is gonna want Coca. Yeah overwhelming. Very shy either from that you're gonna beat you distracted during all week. But it's ultimately. You know these guys are just great what they do it and theater. They were after respectful. Yeah this sound that we. Brought to them initially that this on the minority dropped to that would wanted to. Really. Try to highlight our own creative instinct and not try to deviate from and so I think that needed to what are. That is where it was a very comparable experience. Inward happenings in the I have who are in the Chapman's mobile election called for an order now we're very brisk. And look at the open that ultimately are so much. We bought into the table and a lot of musicians don't fret they that they only trying to help them create. I think that they don't really give that we bottomed out in the end what we all work together aren't. It was in my they were telling us that we were telling me that we all work together. That to be able to create what you apt. What you're listening to now. And that's what I love about you guys too because you mentioned how you know working with these PCs they were so down to earth. But you guys are very down to earth as well and so I can imagine that CommVault. It it's a really special thing that happened and you can tell just listening from the EP either radio winners. He definitely. Are doing something right there I really enjoy and I love your new single everybody's got up problems. Well they do so well. And we appreciate an outdoor. You know there won't go play. With them. That's all well that'll religion if you didn't soul you can pop. Beautiful people well look and feel victims were you what group of them. The group wanted to do it. All we have them playing it so they it will definitely be able to sing along at present lines on the water on Saturday when he sees guys perform. And X tomorrow you guys are going to be taking over are all buffalo instead Graham I hear. Definitely I've never. Where where are they don't manipulate the road tomorrow so minute try not just to you potent looked out who's blessed. Yet it didn't feel we can make you so way. Well because I personally baby goats or something medical tale. Here again to account cal boot now. Due to do okay do that have ever go. In the there are only available. I think we're not a next song by the way I didn't grow there. About it who need it and look at it did you yeah yeah now you're not stupid and I. What I love is can you get there's so humorous on your social media and I think adult family that's what we collar listeners hear they're gonna love. A senior take over the answer Graham tomorrow that's going to be a lot of fun. Our order. To get back to present lines on the lighter on Saturday I just kind of wanna paint that picture three you it is along this very scenic park there's water you guys will be performing. And then everybody's gonna be sampling beer and wine while all happening and so I hope you know both get to sample some stuff like you're here as well. I do want to ask you will old Madison Ruth what do you have a favorite beard he had a favorite line Richard drink. A choice. I'll you know any light dark. Sort of be years any kind of stellar college. You know kind of heavy Beers and just and then the more bitter about it. Not a big IPH did but he what LL a just society at LL just so that I love any red war. Pretty much any record you. I'll urges Al well. Why isn't ginger L. Oh the blue route 200 in my arteries clear only credentialed media I gotta be flying at that. I don't know. Eight appeared in beer grab. Our. And lying to get the idea that seriously eight. Well it could put Italy right. Big gorilla litigate it the minute like margaritas. Aaron well I do know they think they'll be one place there was some frozen drinks so made me. I'm not gonna promise Margarita but it might be frozen wine. Well the guy plus you. And then that opened when you don't want people good. I. I like I said. Now I've got a list of things I've got you know put on here to get for her roots here. Artery does champagne pinnacle Honda. Oh. Number you don't gonna position and have been. It's gonna be pretty hot by the way. Sell it we're gonna need to be you know cool yet know there'll be no animals peppers and lines on the water. What are all of it or. While we cannot wait to see you on Saturday. And is there anything that you're expecting from the listeners to do besides sing along to your new single. Anything or at least be prepared for. Oh well I was making just and hopefully go out on Friday. You know get the EP where they care and you know it'll be out on finals so that would be great hero Arnold content that would be a nuclear. There was hope that you look so Lyndon. Yeah they got out. Sure they want it in the comes they are the most to me and we'll give an order. No biblical merged it would open. And I remember back when I met you guys Decker thoughtful just health friendly. And down to earth people are and it's been a pleasure to me to that and then to top. Aren't thank you brandy we appreciate it yeah. Ain't you take care. I.