Sunday, December 17th

lovelytheband, sat down with Axe & Emily, prior to their Night-3 performance at #TKBC 2017 at Buffalo RiverWorks.

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Now I'd be broken by lovely the ban on alternative buffalo 10771047. We are broadcasting live from buffalo river gorge. My name's Emily and here with ax and the guys from reliably the ban welcome. Well so the first thing that first thing but the last thing that they sent to me before we went on air is for thoughtful mean he's a nice though didn't she get that hat out of the building on Saturday night. Here's definition for anyone that's ever being serious it's a commotion fuss especially one caused by conflicting views so what did you say to me that which you took from that. An actress that they were from LA so we don't know what this means for the thing is that his presence on beat him yeah. Hint it's not there's no Palin net. Well what you said to me it was so basically this is a ruckus before Christmas. That's how we know it. And you guys should know we also established rules that proposals that he can beat double as your purse were footballers at your interview he feel the need to use profanity. Just like let it occur awful well I. Obama you. The guys waited to keep lean and family oriented like a yo girl well now actually the older dog all right for it would on the air you guys that you got to read dive from Seattle you just finished up your toward the slide show were able to operate very. The elephant or Rios was off them. In his effort source. You know. Panic learning the ropes is getting back into touring in plain everyday it was awesome routes that's been the reaction there really cool for a print this out and you know lasting shows are really great man. We're just excited that like we get to go to different states and people are singing the songs them. Seeing people react to on this you know especially when united downtown and then. Got a legacy that's you know a thousand miles away and he indicates in your words frequent. Also I mean it's it's been kind of a all the sort of meteoric rise for you guys before it won sixteen the EP came out earlier this year. And I mean that's just a light night upon I see the crowds as you know growing in size from night tonight even yeah I mean especially honest or mean that we. It was wild is that we we put effort. Shares in LA. On just as a band just like I mean like game impeachment missions. The they also now which is exciting. And Latinos reaction injection on mine kept growing and then. Getting on torrent stuff. Especially in the light we see in like that that places like here of buffalo in a plane like song on the radio and stuff that just. It's just crazy but people just do amounts for the songs and really connecting to music and I don't know it's it's been a quick graduate that's you know. Watching it grow this fast is definitely denser. Often. And I think what's great about the sun broken is that I I've heard you say this in an interview before that it was kind of like a mission statement yes you the whole lovely the ban but the cool thing is is that. When I personally listen to you with other songs that you guys had out. On it they're different. You know so you get is a different light. Emotions Biden feels. When you listen to the whole. Set of songs you guys have now at this point I think people are going to be. Surprised when they see you hit the stage you know as you give a little bit of everything which is great thank you. Yet and I outlets they congratulations. Talking we're talking not what you guys as I was a meal for you went on the air. You guys had the song of the day right now for Amazon with broke something has. Alexi Casilla lots of places along the day and look what we the what we've been broken yet pretty crazy. Is it my sister has one of those. And like. Jeez since he videos of her union and just kind of like since this thing came out and just like she said were refused demands that. Epithet others it's like since like midnight set to go right back collection plans on. A look at Hugh. Do you guys still has family and it tries her come now. So are you mentally and yeah I mean. We have bush and later in the East Coast. But we let us in the month long. Is like today supporter of me after she's always like front row and every every concert ever done and you know she would choose the ones I mean she doesn't high schools. That's definitely not changed and it's been. Thirteen years of being in imminent advances up. Yeah it's pretty pretty special. Cool Jake doubled its on that I I want to ask you guys what we have here. I'm always big on the band music right here on the story behind them as such with Leo and Mike Love lead the band. You know acknowledges locally here you know I've also seen is stylus like the band bluntly I think you can email addresses all. On the quietly locally the bands that just locally. I really wish him constantly hear those. The van was felt something else for this and you're in an upgrade issues and we mean do it and we're eating wings at Dave and buster's. And we like. Lovely school where it. And they're like let's look at this and answer them. How we should have advantages. And now resident. I really wish and we had a yeah I like we like oh play dictionary gas light on something like this site. I don't know we are on nice and cool like Janie in. The way glumly kept appearing in it it was this time the stars I don't now but that's definitely not that I definitely they winced. I diving and what we always skydiving together and then while we were falling I yelled at Mitch. I got it it's lovely to stand. The reason India Korea affairs and a lot of other things mostly with an aim with a song titled the silos Asian no capital letters yet. Eighties as a degrees behind that it is kind of a one on here. Just I think it's just being trying to keep things modest. Lucky he hears a very nice lie get tickets available at the door come on down lovely thing that this is later as well working at an AE GRE a more interviews coming up. I know we got more of the Emmys opera. Yeah absolutely I think this one is my favorite son but first I want to use saint George and sand and it secret today I its currency and keep I'm getting us some idea that your players than they. That's completely and I think you guys are gonna love this one if you haven't heard display panel let's call make you feel pretty violently the ban on alternative buffalo broadcasting live from buffalo river where expert. The curve ball before Christmas night for. That you think you're pretty.