The Killers | Brandi | The Man

Thursday, July 27th

Find out 'Who's The Man'?!  Brandon Flowers of The Killers talks about their latest single 'The Man'.


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So we here idle buffalo we are absolutely loving the new single the man so looking forward to the upcoming album and that leads me to my first question I have to ask deal. Who's the man. Some days during the week that might elect the man some moments during the full preached. The is. Is about exploring I definitely thought I was man while 2223. Years old. And so that was the launching point for the song I think what we wanted to do it really inhabit our agent on the record and represent where that. And what was line and I couldn't do that. With doubt and you know well he's probably without going back. And haven't won last with was that with that person that that's the man.