The Killers | Brandi | Interview With Brandon Flowers

Thursday, September 21st

Brandi chats with Killers frontman Brandon Flowers about their new album, Wonderful Wonderful!

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I grant and so we here idle buffalo we are absolutely loving the new single man so looking forward to the upcoming album and that leads me to my first question I have to ask deal. Who's the man. Some days during the week that might elect the man some moments during the full preach. As long as. Is about exploring I definitely thought I was man while 2223. Years old. And so. That's that was the launching point for the song. Yeah I can imagine like things have changed it seems like from when you guys are just starting as a ban to this new record wonderful wonderful due out on September 22 you talked about how this column is much more interest active then probably high you were in your twenties Digisette straight. Yeah and I think what we wanted to do it really inhabit our you know our agent on the record not bad and and represent where and what would line and I couldn't do that without the well he's in the public without going back and haven't won last with. With that. With that person that that demand. Well what are some of the things that you could say you've learned. I think I'd be I might view of war or masculinity is you know hey did you exchange it'll probably change again. You know and and over the next fifteen year of the dollar about. For all that they can and being slaughtered and being strong and I think I've learned over the years there's been dramatic. More about how compassionate. And empathy that I realized. Is that any different and your stage presence well I mean how when you're on stage Steve you wanna be slotting you wanna be masculine right there air has that changed our stage presence. Now I think sometimes that does so sometimes I'm I'm I'm almost. In the character and some of these songs I enjoy that aspect of performing. But that there are also a lot more and that moment on the tractors and besides less than I I don't know it's so I'm really excited about distracted. Well we are two and the other thing I wanted to talk to you about is on to my knowledge is the killers had never banned here to buffalo do you think maybe that's gonna change with this tour. Maybe they'll only have to go to buffalo. I know you gotta tell somebody we got to make a connection here you gotta get to buffalo we're dying to see you guys. My I think my buddy Doug from buffalo. Of what. We got a lot of approximate book is after that. Yet you need to we'll take you outlook it's hot wings it'll began. Also lighting air. All of it's only bleachers up here if you put ranch on your chicken wings you are not allowed in buffalo it's just like a known now. And say you guys the killers you have that one of the most anticipated albums of this year I'll wonderful wonderful but I'm curious to Nell one record are you either listening to right now that you're really day or what are you looking for a team that's gonna becoming outs and. So. The guys from Australia. And also have a record amounts September and names out Cameron and it is called. Forced witness and I've heard a couple of function that and I just think it's six it's so exciting and I think everybody should be looking forward to that. Now is this Alex Cameron the same guy that had a hand in working with you on your new record. That's right yeah that's right they've become Franzen and he. He's been visiting me in Vegas. And Andy he helped me out and couple of a lot of struggled with contractors. A cool one last question for you I also read that you've been kind is taking a look at you know all this into respective staff who you are and also looking at hadn't thinking about your legacy that's got to be pretty hard to start thinking about. Your legacy. Yeah I mean you know it's part of it and where it really was proud of of the work that was done and hopefully we can continue to add to it and it's just an incredible incredible so far and just a crazy experience that you can't really well on and has not necessarily a great. Emanuel for a pretty you know I'm proud of us were I would navigated the law and yeah this. What's important future now. I'm definitely well. I hope that the future brings a couple of the killers that's what I have to Spaniard to tell you did a beacon we are all really really loving the man here it's just so different itself funky and here at all buffalo that's kind of what we're all about so I really hope you guys consider coming here and begun to show you around all right. Attack due people's. It.