Wednesday, December 6th

Jimmy Eat World, sat down with Brandi, prior to their Night-2 performance at #TKBC 2017 at Buffalo RiverWorks.

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Rate now on I'm joined here at buffalo river works with Jimmy Eat World so happy to have you back here in buffalo. And certain things or have messed. Yeah of course while real Kelly very very excited to see you guys tonight and this is our second ninety KBC and it's funny because. I had reached out to lake you know our listeners on Twitter and south and in a sad you know we'd be doing an interview with you guys at. I got a lot of responses back at that just sad. I wanna think Jimmy Eat World for getting me through heartbreak hard time is difficult times. And that is something they came up across the board a lot. And I just wanna know how you feel. That you know about your music touching people like that. Well Ian is never really know. How something's going to you. The interpret it was a put it out there and it's. It's flattering that anyone really pays attention. But the fact that some people have had experience like that is just it's it's. This is awesome and equally appreciate you know people making what we do. A part of you know their experience it has something so personal. Yeah you all of you. And so I just thought it was really cool you know that people. Of all things that they could have sat you know I want to ask them they ravages. Thank you and site at that was really really a testament to your music and even Ireland error are jocks hear talk about how it's motivational. In they love that part of it school. That's that's really that's really nice and it's funny too because. Obviously the middle it's still resonates with everyone and so how do you feel about the legacy that the middle. Asked if it's pretty it's it's it's it's very flattering you know the fact that like a song. That is. And like fifteen years old man. Two doesn't end tonight that that it still connecting people still finding an audience. It's just I mean it's not something we ever expected. It's it's just it's as great in I mean when you play from the performance it's it's still gets crazy reaction from people and you know that's that's. Ever hear well and being a ban for 23 years I mean you guys have a lot of material. And so I'm wondering with your older material that you feel you still can activate your seltzer or has it changed the meanings for you now lake. Thinking is think every name it. We go onstage with with you know Meserve. Have to cut a clear head and everything. Before Egon. And then and doesn't matter like what kind of gave had a war. Or. Or how many times admire. The Amish as you have a row it's engage each tree every every time you perform as a unique experience to scuttle it. Evolved and show itself to using gone and that I think makes it. Easier to find. A place that day did you can connect personally with all the material I think that translates to is now. How people pick up on it so. I'd you'd get married had space Larry things you do to clear your had to get ready did you know go out on stage and a lot of oh Rick Rick has a special brush uses on her. He can mix in this agreement so is it lake like what is this special rationally do we easing in the line. That's calendar. It's fine hair fine dried various firsthand account so you dismissed national brush. It is more for it's more for it. Or perhaps more pro feels then I'll be that isn't current like homicides yen mania. That's what she pressured her deeds. Really isn't as early it's early calming at. It's very calming to watch you brush your hearing. Now what about three guys caddie get in the rain had space go out there every item number actually we had. Some answers on us in the music we have like a distance on. Them users up well before replies of course and I ask you what's on the playlist case though we have out and there's like for like collectors on sectors slide. Is in Denver had it done. Def Leppard we don't have any we have we have I love by itself as the as the come down music after a lot of that Lessig a mysterious let him salute. Yeah and the after show we have like victims of the disease. Like Allah. She and I am like an eighty I was not born in the eighties but that I would love to go and live actors at music is island here bans like you say which a lot with airman favorites now. Gather hysteria album. Perry bacon for Def Leppard south yeah we're having this conversation right. Now badly no comment really early right as she really liked the alternative cities I'm. Did lay out our media through the first two sets ever but on that tell me you were inspired a circling terror rate your photograph and that's the media rumor mill. At you know the blitzer birth and birth of in TV air. Verses like heavy metal media's handling him. Often rule the full and there is a runner on the sword and it was like to you don't put it ought to play I'll play guitar and under brings swords back. And light the lightning swords. And now. Well that's awesome so you know we talked a little bit about your old stuff you know your older material but that they is. Is it he just had a ninth studio album come out last year it's an a year 2016 but. Not only that Friday you're dropping because sticky. This is true and so what is it like to do those songs stripped down. You know that it does the circle versions of integrity of the songs we've kind of collected over over the that that the course of being on tour. And it I think. I think it works it's fun it's different you know. Devlin is early on they see acoustic Lee if you like so makes sense to have gotten if it's a song work stripped down I think you're bitten yeah you know that's that's it's kind of you know the way it sounds like the production knees that can make a player Rolen now. Now he wanna hear something or anywhere in creative and if it doesn't stand up but just you playing his guitar. Then it's you gotta maybe should think about your son he had not Dornan. So you're not even finish that the current Torre at and you guys just released a whole new slew of tour dates still. You can yeah. Since there's no real clocking out escape now all is Canon. You just go so what's your favorite part as being on the road. Think seeing new places. Those you always get excited when the were able to go somewhere with -- before. Any particular place stick out and mine right now on this last on the slow down this laster able to go to South America for the first time. And play the below is the festival's down there and Alice that's a pain masquerade. I bet that's got to be really cool to see that hole it's yeah in itself. Yeah it's amazing dad and we begin this line have to realize that that's like the the luxury way to pay. First time true knowing who we appreciate it yeah what about further. What do what they're part of being out on tore. Well. Putting I really appreciate about it. Is. That every day is unique there is. Similarity between everything because you're you know you're doing negate your playing songs. But just like Jim was saying you zero yourself out she can allow oil. The gate to become its staying. They're all different you know you can play the same cellist but here with different people and different room and a different place and it's going to be unique. And I really appreciate that it's. It's always a surprise. Saint free all of you learn. Like on sounded good food. And while he takes the right place at buffalo before and like Maine it's going to get and see if I do you know seat of that honor of being thing. And we're kind of known for the wings and a got to get some volume here obviously. Where Richie down. Okay is that you're gonna ask me. I think Doss. Yeah dust is really ged I heard Johnny Hart has you're only real student think. There right I think we prefer Gabriel's daily side you forget rose. I was there I was look at a violent doctor again like last year. Last year we came through here. And I had and again that's exactly record numbered. That's all gone. It's do you not think that heroes it is as it is does. Langer had. I can't I can't like I am not going to be that person because I had a so let me get your wings inherent right that's yeah. It well and well and if you really do you really wanna send him overboard right now. Okay it's blue cheese here no rants so I hope that you don't pirates and the orders that we ordered rash through redundancies. And it data out there not to grant they were from Arizona and we don't now. If you Odyssey that would go into chaos and freak out. Holiday tree so last week we had our first seek ABC right with new politics and they mentioned Buffalo Wild Wings and it almost got like a unanimous through a single this is not Blake. That's like that they were from buffalo but it just that's like look at for the outback restaurant in Sydney or something right. Exactly yes so I don't do that tonight than in unless you want who's at the ranch dressing but they witnesses holiday shall. Sell I do you want to ask you you know of course last Christmas you have that wonderful cover of that you think he could crank that out for tonight. Maybe. Maybe surprises that that Syria can do we have an empire that actually year. So it's time. Immediately maybe it's a practice that way before and that it is this these seats and any. Collect Ambac like hey now alert and the manual Lovie for an assault and witness in the front row once before play it on stage maybe it. Guys OK I think we got announced again. To the levees are you having. Well let's talk monster sells for four minutes there ago at Iggy has to pull off race. Now yeah here. And it now anyway it's agreed to an end we're sold so excited to have a year and buffalo tonight critiquing ABC thing else bill formally can't wait to see. Thank you get things are evidence.