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Thursday, April 5th

Jared Leto, front man of Thirty Seconds to Mars, checked in with Nik Rivers, from the middle of America, as he was on his way to L.A. as part of the Mars Across America Tour, leading up to the release of their new album "America" in stores 4/6.

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Altered bubble 107701047. Couple feature ours Manchester orchestra right there I'd be nick rivers. Am pretty excited about this joining us on the phone right now from and a thirty seconds to Mars spread of the program mr. Jared Cole and oh welcome welcome and how are. Bank man appreciated. Incredible. Couple days so our last night we started this crazy journey across the country. We're all on March across America say. Follow it online and we are telling stories beating people attacking walking writing. Along asking you all kinds of things that work our way to California to the album released. Fantastic now I got I got to ask like where the idea come from to do this I mean you know I'm envisioning in my head you know the movie planes trains and automobiles like I hope it doesn't work out like that but. I mean it's pretty ambitious man New York to LA in five days out elk and about. Well at the idea that I had the out all the America and I wanted to celebrate fighting the big difference comes up this Friday. And it's been a longtime Condit you know so we did the did. Planes trains and automobiles a little. Summer vacation. Package Chevy Chase the best. All right sir your your few days into this adventure now you got Tommy who is the most unique interesting individual that you met as you make your way across America so far. You know are just dead at eighteen Wheeler with a guy from Milwaukee news truck driver and yeah I interviewed and that just got it that you like is really salt of the earth guy that three kid did. Shared his flight without a little bit on camera self centric thing you hear people's stories that really curious about people and everybody has that story itself so. Yes that's an important part of this trip. Well hats off he never gave into an eighteen Wheeler in Milwaukee that that takes some guts there are so we threw it out to our Twitter followers and said if you could ask Jerry let no one questioned what would it be. And gradually pick is from Mariah how app Mariah how she wants now. You're putting out a brand new album you called it America what is the inspiration behind the name of the. Well you know we made this film mother called the day in the life which is. We shot on the singled them last fourth of July we native or Trevor countries themselves at 24 hours it never treat every day. And you know that that I think I'll let in the direction. Further down the path but you know the outlook is about the size of living it. It's about the last five years our lives fitness. You know tumultuous period of time that our country. At a time of great change at a time of great possibility though it get it. It made sense. Right comment. So I want our question now you know throughout your career. You know I've spoken to you before you left voicemails for me before you send emails you re an handwritten notes he could set a box cupcakes onetime which were fantastic by the way. But I I got to ask. What would. What is so important with it for you for your and with the connection with the radio in in your music and radio why do you take the time we're so many artists could care less about me what we do here in buffalo you always take the time to reach out what's what's the important for your side that. The the role that radio pleas for yet. Well radio and has changed our lives. And people at radio and sterilized. You guys think radio is the beautiful media at that opportunity. Your music and I don't even know and it is. Sometimes you don't eat like a song and build. Years later here again that was the number you know. 47 he did it really. It becomes the big difference for so I looked at radio ubiquitous thing you know how do. God. It's it's kind of a lean back experience that. Is that really transform but it brought. That they. Get an opportunity to play our music for people. You'd never about it click here so we always I think it is silly thing. For the opportunity that they could all little bit easy to be at that place. I've very cold and noble we always appreciate you taking the time in the music that you make it you guys are just tuning and Jerry Leno from thirty seconds to Mars on the phone with us this afternoon. Gonna be kick off summer tour and fortunately no dates really hear buffalo but if you guys wanna make a road trip began the new album. Coming out this Friday juror one last question about the new record if you had to pick a favorite track off of that what would it be. It would probably be dangerous side I think it's it is August early unique for us it's a love song get on with this creek is dysfunctional relationship. But so many about that then. It's it's all about America itself. That's what I like quietly say a lot. Soldier lead over thirty seconds to Mars looking forward to seeing you guys out on the road looking forward to hearing the new record once again. As always thank you so much for taking time do I challenge this year buffalo right brother out out here. So there you go Oscar winner Fred of the program have frontman of thirty seconds to Mars mr. Jerry let other new album America. Dropping tomorrow when he finally makes his way across country to Los Angeles let's get back added with a what he suggested his favorite track from the new album is called dangerous night it's Indies discovered from altered in buffalo a 7710470102. Point five HD two.