Fernway 4/15/18 Live On Localized

Wednesday, May 23rd

Ferway performed live on Localized with Lexi

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Now's the fun part of the show I enjoined by Buffalo's own for Atlanta and as. Hello there's Latvia and here right guys introduce yourself individually for me to me earlier playing instrument eyes. In. Are. My name's Tom lively pace and my name is tanner play drums. My name is RJ I sing and I play the guitar but it shows that later. So tell me about fearnley howdy guys get together how long been any other tell me about the man. So firm way well myself Joanna. Tom and tanner who played music together. For our column for a little bit firfer probably six years or so at least. And then over the past year we actually added threat we we were you know we are different than before this and we added threat we wanted to add another layer and the texture. And that's what we got. On the lots of talk about from you guys saying recently put out you idiot EP out any of the big show happening down at moloch place. Not one thing and I cracked. Yes or it's not all about that your playing a lot of fans are familiar with suits are excited hear all about it any of the couple signs are so what are we kick in the show off with tonight. So this first song never gonna play is it's on EPA would just put out you can strewn everywhere it's called wishing well. And currently house them your tuning a look I had an alternative buffalo live with and my. I. Yeah. The home. It true. I. If you. Path. It. Okay yeah. Yeah. The giant mine. If she. Earn my Eilat Gallup live on alternate buffalo on a 77 and one elsewhere is having as an awesome. I really your sound. So tell me a little bit about the EPA has just tap it costs them. They asked him to commit them. Yes so so basically we started written songs of boat. About a year ago you know in the winter of like 26 teams want Sandler read the turn of the year. And dom. There's Howard time like we are going to some weird stuff. Just personally. Are we haven't really crazy experience on our winter tour. Where are eventually totally went down. But basically you fast forward through all that the record itself. We recorded. With the help of Paul bash require country audio on that channel at all. We reported that it actually you actually stylish studios and he tracked the drums the bass and guitar. And then I engineer the rest the Oden the vocal as the yeah. The lead guitars the textures and stuff like that. And then really we just wanted to create something that was. And you know kind of a mixture of like what we've done in the past. With a different projects but I don't know what that at least for me personally I wanted to create something that was like. Interest and for a listener to listen but also something that late. If you're a musician you're listening to a I want place and finally put the Easter eggs in places and stuff here and as. So as far as the utility is at a music video from one track is music apart it's off the EP act yet. Yes you brought music video bomb personal who had space and that song is on the EP. We shot it should. Or we tour. Most recent. Two and then meals it's called they've built on tiller. And then you are playing your releasing any key this one they so tell me about the show or app mach it's. Yes so. Yeah. I know I can speak for us. Yeah yeah I can early rumors. This just in yet. One on doors at six. Months and months yeah. Or some of the equipment. And then it actually you're playing at my alma mater been offered on a plane at BJ's fast. So you guys have been up to the for dining music scene here and snatch scene. Absolutely so I feel about playing these days past. This will be your first time. There that I think greatly in this that this those kids down there and play. Created and cultivated it's it's absolutely fantastic him. You know it's it's such a community effort down there from everybody and it's like it's really special to be a part of it it's good for everybody it's. Absolutely John and I are talking before the shiny side you know after noticing a person in the days but the place is guys back. Slit. Awesome to see you guys on that lineup on C gets you more socks for me what's this backside. This much on number. Is called. Are ready you're tuning in a localized here alternative buffalo lively turn away. Yeah. He is now. And you have. Do but he. That it. Yeah. I'm. And. It's. I. Yeah. I none. Now. Yeah. Earn Leila I can't look as an alternative buffalo on a 77 and one I'll force have been brought to you by mr. Barnett has awesome. So I feel the timing of the EP out. X I have really from the man. Looks like it. It's kind of it's been a long time and you know the thing that's always there for being on the inside is like. You know we get together multiple times to lead through 345. That much it means or our rights and answer that for sure. And you know we begin together so much over the past year year and a half and you know we've been so involved with the stuff and it's nice to finally be able to just. You know it's nice that we ordered yet it's nice to get other people. Involved with a and to finally released this music makes us and we've been holding personal. To. Are you so much time you got any playing out ads Nile hot place. This Wednesday tickets at the Dell our idea of yes tickets to the door it's an honor from any advance pre sale two for ten dollars. Your indoor and B twelve we can get a hotlines. I'm BA game or Democrats at thirty. And so visitors and it apparently for earth person out there. Yeah Imus. And Howard are doctor recommends I mean if if if you wanted to get to that show you should probably try to find a way to get pre showed that the real early because that is the last time we played small place that's all about. And our yeah and possibly expect these same thing. Absolutely awesome lineup to be playing entries of darling harbor of nightly and ghost we'll. I'm also where can we keep up with firmly in the meantime my social media. Odds were pretty much every platform can we got. FaceBook Twitter and a in my house that you do you know. Make it. Osment and earn play official from. ID guys got one more aside from anywhere in Atlantic IQ for localized music's on the way from an artery in Italy and Eileen barker on the lets us last night at. The actions we've released negative for. Space. And this is currently Eilat on localized. And in. Just. Your reasoning on average. Or better yet I did not mine because it is the only comfort whose. So. This article that is. I'm afraid that race. Things use this and seeing some thoughts on me. Then being. So. The it's painted. And and when. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's. And. The I'm. It. You whether that. All the way he did. It paints it. The match. Yeah smiles.