Family of The Year | Interview

Wednesday, June 13th

#Kerfuffle 2018 featured artist Family Of The Year, checked in with Brandi to chat about their upcoming apperance at Kerfuffle.


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I Sebastien earned a public or how are you doing and doing very well. Awesome Harry well. We are so excited here in buffalo to have handling of the year a part of the curve awful lineup how we cannot only to see on June 16 and he does it and the buffalo before we. Were so it'll I've never I didn't get the chance to see you guys live so I'm really excited. To be able to see Acker awful and where right now playing your new single hold me down which are the listener easier for them as the Al family dare absolutely loving the single and it's not so different. That's especially from hero on what's the inspiration behind homey down. All doubt he is. Dresses like a relief on Long Island we. Italians came about were randomly. After actor a big on party the next morning. Sort of acting yet. Joseph was stealing a little bit like he wanted something more permanent something more meaningful. And that the same time you know friend were Gemma now on the a weird. Sympathizer be created based seismic data recording the song and lyrically just came right out and it just seemed it seemed kind of random but time and not like it would be. On the album that was kind of bond song that. And then before we do it over cut it out they were just kind of like our art our producer and our whole he would publicly what about that idea to hold me down ideally like that Arctic. Export and then it just kind of turned in this whole this whole thing that we that result mistake. About it. Yeah as such he gets on and that brings it to talk about your new album goodbye sunshine Helen nighttime with this album need you as a Danny kind aching back like re energize and I even tracked it ironic kind of like a turning point this album for you guys and how is this album different from your previous work. Yeah this is that it's very important I think that I think the word so we're a little bit older a little more experienced in. We have to take a little bit I'd opt sort of I think gather ourselves they're several years of really hard Torre and then an album that we put out that really want since. Why be perceived tour you know we we kind of colloquy spilled beans somewhere in. So we took a little bit I'm law that we ended up sort of like hold up on. On the on about cited its cabin awake and everybody trying to write a new album and we wanted something really powerful and important. And that person we just kind of kind of hit a wall could doubt that we no longer an acute creative yet and we're partying a little bit too much here to act didn't so. Cut scrap like isolation that idea went back to the this idiot and kind of like put sort of like the past behind us all kind of like get that heart to heart and some personal sort of growth in the meat I came together in a more honest and former rebels states and then got in the creativity really kind of took off the problem. That's really interesting howl and sound could be for an album only to talk about maybe trying that seclusion route and then realizing now that's not really can work you know what the shining bright he can't and we all know how bad and as I felt I educate them that way. I'll bet you did work with producer Greg wells on The Who has worked with went on pilots and dal and delete so what was it like working with him on this album. It was amazing. Greg is a wonderful children. Wonderful to be around he's. Got a great energy he's very funny these very sort of self deprecating when he comes from a obviously a place of competent. And but he's very charming and very relaxed and so the environment in the studio is very much like you can used to or comfortable being yourself. And he I think he really does a really great job of sort of getting good stops out of artist he works that there is no pretension there's no agenda. Israeli jet how to lead how come we collaborate. To deep center. Did you get song ideas justice and you really key he'd be the first person they all I didn't do anything I didn't do it and it got in the way and he's. In some sense like that's kind of true blood. It's really not true you know he's sort of what this sort of magical catalyst where he. It's a sprinkled it with his own sort of touched in his own it's own attitude which is. It was such an experience. And that's so important because only the year I mean you guys have such great storytelling quality and this like folk like sound and that. You know it's so important to have a producer that kinda just fosters that without like telling you how to do you know what you do. And I am interested in L you know like that's storytelling quality you know who some of the artists that. Have influenced you guys as a ban and. I'm really to question well. And we collectively we have all sorts but also President Clinton. I know that my brother Joseph and I know since we grew up together I act out of contract all the bar implicit more accurately you know we. We grew up listening to a lot of The Beatles and Bob Dylan Joni Mitchell James Taylor band like Alec classic at the Beach Boys that really kind of created biker cleared distinctive mood really. Sort of were theatrical and painted painted these beautiful visit stories in and emotions they really conveyed emotions quite well I think that my brother to. Most of the songs as. I believe. It's quite good at sort capturing emotion simply putting it simply is very difficult to do ethnic Brothers. Pretty could attack. That. That they're also does quite a bit of Brit pop involved it could respect some of bark. Childhood living in in Wales and our older sister has turned it on to a lot of like. Really fond Brett poppy no blur oasis called super craft that kind of stuff so I think that is creating mixture of influences. That's a great combo for some musical illusion happening there. Now I know you said earlier hi guys in China team down the partying side and the band but are you guys ready to party with us at Kerr thoughtful on June 16. We've been looking forward to it we've we've been circled on our calendar for a couple of months now where we're counting down. Did you tell our listeners all now only what they can kind of expect to experience or what they should be prepared for when Stanley of the year takes the stage. And that you know we're gonna be so grateful to be there were going to be so happy to see all the youth and we're gonna try to get real if you and and just to Bergen. Really good time we're gonna play your music and just try to try to connect. That won't be a problem at all 'cause all family cannot wait to see family of the year results and they had here and I wanna think he Sebastian are taken a timeout to talk with us today. I'll thank you my pleasure we can't wait to be there will cease and.