Deep Valleys 1/21/18 Live On Localized

Sunday, January 21st

Buffalo's Deep Valleys performed live on Localized with Lexi. 

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But now is the fun part of this giant joined by deep valleys it's not as a thing that. Comes a lot AS Tellme a little bit about the bang are around and introduce results army. Now llama named Zach and Nick Carter played bass. My name is Mike I'm Bonnie and at the drones. And. Brian Ross missing when it's so how did you guys all get together I mean I've I've known probably for awhile and I see you guys working different projects and you guys actually played on our local ice take hours before on first time playing on the show tonight to tell me about the man how'd you get means I get together. Share while it started. Man probably around four years ago at this point now Brian and I were which kept playing half for a friend this little acoustic house party things and one thing led to another it was just kind of weird you never fun we just really enjoyed you know played music and which it was coupled songs the joke but every just kept seeing along so one thing led to another in the bank kind of blossomed from there. Take us we got to talk about and I have a show coming up on Friday. Ills that new music video that just came out and an album that cannon is tailing you for you guys to bomb. Playing three tracks for us tonight what's the first one. First track is an old older. It's called together. Parity you're attending a localized here on alternative buffalo alive the deep valleys think Italy adds. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Then we. I don't know. And the. Keep LA's here live on local I as an alternative buffalo on a 771047. And one of the teams that HTTP as a as I. I've I have found myself like singing on and I haven't really critics as a man that is what you know after and it. We kind of wrote that song definitely to be something that was. Somebody could sing along to every kind of crowd around I mean that's the song is about being together again so the fact that yeah ivory can sing again I mean every template outlawed. And they ever find everything with us that was fun. Actually actually just from seeing guys like he definitely actually bring in the crowd for Shaq. We track who again that it so I sit at abbey the album in my hand they brought me so tell me a little bit the Caldwell and. Sure. So that the name. Is actually from a French expression that really it literally translates that called VoIP. Basically it's when you kind of conduct car crossroads in your life where. I you can make a decision that you know it's gonna actually mean something for you and and realize you have the ability to. You could make that change or. You know potentially go down a path you don't want them and and Caribbean they're recognizing that moment in the south albums out for how long count. I came a few months ago. Yeah yeah on October. And we just came other secular music video for it. This album was really kind of a pinnacle piece for us kind of solidified. All of us come together and really work out something. It's produced by my Cadillac which were. Kind of big fans in the and command and yet. And so he really put the final touches on to make just fantastic and we're really happy with I think it's something that we can really actually. Come behind and be proud of man those is that. Yeah it's kind of a good cornerstone piece for us. Yeah I would say one thing about you as especially in the local music senior you're content social media lies yet they're always around and always out there now is knowing you guys are up to like in the last night. Ons are as far as the band itself I isn't to gather flatly practice Italy crazy and it seemed like almost a full time job for and a yeah I know. We we are we work full time jobs and a so it's kind of let go once a week type thing. Us Parcells meat hunting goes I can have a schedule worked out where no one personal posts. One but once basically sold it for good post there. We treat all around contact in house. Basically video and all graphics and design so we're kind of like a one stop shop powerhouse and Exxon. Any type look you know professional content that we need to waste yet. We're kind of blessed with that just you know multiple members and R&R and RD's. This kind of work professionally so. And I really lent a hand when it came to producing. Really everything that we do so were able come off for the polish because I hate to wanna be professional match but you know we have the ability that which is. Tony huge huge thing for us so we definitely don't take for grand. The men consulate so that element south I'm watcher songwriting process like. For this album specifically it was. It was a accommodation of completed songs in not finish songs yes. Bringing into the studio kind bouncing ideas around with. Our producer and personal records us. And I mean realistically hood you know we all contribute and on each arrangements. Source office is really just kind of an acoustic idea. Kind of just. Getting excited about what's on can sound like in our heads. And then just kind of playing around with it tore tore happy when you know a lot of times if it's gonna make John album we've we've jammed that a lot and kind of here are some of the rough edges and then just kind of working with. Within a CO2. To finalize what a lot of thoughts are. And soulless and they have got two more tracks from in and night what's this next time. And X is. When this this year at least it's called es house and you are tune in a localized here on all buffalo lab with deep valleys. No way. Oh yeah. Now. Okay. Thoughts on my. Yeah. Gomes who he unknown. On me. Yeah it's saying I'm not going crazy. Tee time as well. Yeah. Yeah. On around me. You know saying. I'm not going crazy. Yeah. Oh yeah. And revenues yeah. And you know. Honor me. Saying. I'm not going crazy. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. On me. NGOs. Don't increase. Control nobody down on me. Deep valleys here live on localized on alternative buffalo won a 77 and final four is coming as a very. Say got a show coming up on Friday tell me a little bit about that. That's that's show it's presented by after dark and it's gonna be at Mohawk place. From yes the first show of the year so that's that's exciting. You know usually start booking a little bit later and we're we're blessed to start off this season. Pretty heavy lead pack shows yes shows every month so far so. Where we're looking sort of loved and I usually thinks pick up during summer but it's nice to. Street had something. Happen. We let you play every week. Us. Ankles so I'll big plans for Toni TNA so this your first the air on going to be planned out a lot planning. Yeah I think. So I mean that's a clerical. You know we do a lot of music festivals and things like that that's kind of I you know big thing for us is is comes hanging out with people optional we get chance to god town and as you'll meet people that. It would we don't get sent me in the local music scene is as a big deal for us and you know we meet a lot of kids out. And you know we're in Pennsylvania or just really anywhere else that. You know they they're really into what we're doing and so we can be inspiration that we can. Just give them some look for Jews and that's fusion we had a loss access doing that and so. That's going to be kind of a big gulf presses again Osmond vessels as you as possible. Start recording hopefully have something again by the end of the year. To show for forward writing. An ankle. So it's a caddie tonight like you guys as individuals who are some of blink your favorite bands and some of the people who inspire you as he's a sense for I think and I'll take time. Yeah a lot of obvious ones they ever since I was kid has always been saying listen. You know back when Anthony Grant started the ban. They just. Big inspiration for me they're one of the bands that when I got to go meet loses you know commit everything to me just you know what they're doing musically it was just. For me probably one of the biggest. I'm well for me policies which but they have habits as a dancer its like little schools don't. Growing up I was listened to my parents don't know how on earth when it fires Chicago all the classics this but the band that actually got me into one. To Ian in Richmond man and actually. My wife got us tickets to see them years ago I think two years ago. The guys who may probably aren't having standpoint he had yeah drummers I'll. It was about it and it actually never. On the eve always add it to that and don't ever left him so they have a tight cohesiveness and so as close an excellent there doing their thing. Mantilla. For me. Does a lot different types of music by and it has influenced by pop punk bands in our core bans on Wednesday. It is I think if you like for your strong you know just on scenery like in the giant it's our course in Ireland. Is bringing those two John together and stuff that I write I really isn't anything. In this at a grand. Yeah I mean I. It's early influences definitely were a little different I was really big into it classic rock that's what I was raised. Read in the deals in pricing. This and wanna sauce. You know as a resign but. Currently it. But really Angela K. Seen color. Doesn't just basically the schools. Still oh. As I've each one on last night. I needed there as it. A lot it's a lot of out of fear. I think that all. Child. The yeah actually that's one. Actually just. Recently the dollar. 20. As it does things. Other than. Aria French toast crunch that. Men in our house. That morning. Cereal. Acute. And like. The customer's. House. It. Just found spots at. Words frosted flakes line I just add those together and so I think that went south and hand. Underdogs and is that typically. Like cereals or. You know things that nobody thinks surely grape nuts and brazen robbery as the head out fast so I in the love cold and it's a kind and comfortable. In that context which pairs well. Always cold and my ability so usable in a. There are other magnate and how you like it. I'd get before Ali it's your last song omelet where it IE social media allies. So I finest are primarily on FaceBook has Gramm RRS Graham is the underscore rallies and our FaceBook uses FaceBook dot com slash team now is. Also find us if it makes it really easy to devalue dot com. Yeah you can find everything to you is that view finder music videos are album. Merge. What global you find it devalues dot com and we will see some that is the last half. Examples here but maybe at night and work our own brand of listening to. Fenn and Ben and Jerry's deep valleys. Can he go. Surprised. That's coming in starred in the eighties and recruit about the US open. Patty as well as they get in you know AN as you've seen guys again I'm Cheryl Libyan touched here around localized on the things absolutely tell us about this last sign. Last song is well there album. It's called sky's parents house on the suspend deep valleys where he cancel nine here at all buffalo for a localized news on the way from parallel. And killed a clock thank you so much as ugly to. Eight. It's faster. Unite. What is the. It's. Yeah. We're here. Panicky on the hunt. In the arms. Shannon. And we. It's got. I'm okay. Then there. Okay.