Sunday, December 17th

Sunday, December 17th

Cold War Kids, sat down with Axe & Emily, prior to their Night-3 performance at #TKBC 2017 at Buffalo RiverWorks.

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He gave easy feature artists go work is acoustics helpers you're out of a what a 7710 force at a broadcasting live from of the report for my three of the Icrc awful for Christmas. And joined by annaly. Yes and also doing I need and pulled her kids. Oh. You guys industry isn't awful. Truly yet won the first ago announced he's you know I've been buffalo we got guys who were so welcome back several times yeah Q and. That's how we actually just heard was an acoustic one a seven session and cut to which is kind of me in even they don't like we did hear yeah I felt only and personalize and doesn't like some original content. Absolutely annihilated here. Although I I do potter is -- this time lots of guys are here to look at it and we're not roaming the streets too much this time it's worth five sweatshirt on exactly as it is going to be hot when he got to the stage and you know although all Philly comes I'll packed in the place and yeah Iraq and I. It'll be fun. So I have a question as skewed because I found out that you have a three year old dot yeah. Not for real daughter so this curious way an. We get family people in Dan's yup how do you maintain. Family life on the road what are yearly to. Did your family live on the road man you know. I guess. I should have a pithy and funny answer for that. And honestly yeah it's like. I think you know it. It's not for everyone and it's it's very very few people really if it because it's it's crazy life are hired to emerge also has. Link within a month my daughter his son Wilson. And our guitar player David is having a baby coming season and so we're like instantly sent in today. I what I have learned more than anything is that. Really there are very few people that I think our army to kind of live that way anywhere and we're gone. And and use in you can make it work and I think. Somehow I am built that way and and in my life is built that way and and it works or I think independents yesterday Adam B vary independent I think. In machine age he was with an artist. And that's rated best ways advocates say Nikki you got to know what you're standing up for. And you know sort of that's advice that you guys had a realistic expectation yes this is just. Yes. And you know what I think it makes for a lot of good songs and lyrics. Because all that distance all of that you know coming in going all that kind of like. All that stuff makes for a lot of get some lyrics yes the fuel related ya. Yeah and out argument along the same topic you know with with young kids everything is all tweet you guys had earlier this month. They wanna be on Sesame Street is that correct yes. I was I was I I treated that. The old and really wants to we have kids in our name is a load a little Muppets in stuff. Let's us think that. Diet I I have an accountant moment of and then count Ian as a for a their animals could only Muster that's an area. Yeah I guess animals on says animals that DNC were Muppets via his family via via the count his mind. But I wanna meet council about. Is so sesame street's on the wasteland if you future collapse you guys thirty got mr. Briggs off the list which she is here for Nightline of the profile publicity your signature and what they gravely hagee and people on the same he two you know how these things not sure who else is I'm here wishlists. Mu. You know reached out and collaborate to I rules say aren't suited bishop Briggs is the only in person I ever reached out to. About. Am working on something together and she and in a filly that's why it was so like. Meant to be is that it was like it just felt. You know sometimes assays is still right if those that this is gonna make sense and militia backed us like Sony today is like. Great this is easy in and you have to go through managers tracked somebody down and see if they even. Know who you are care about Ukraine connection there's so many ways at that could be a missed. But arm right away issue it was a it was a connection announced its it chief he's genuinely excited and honored she's so wrapped we got to do. In LAK Iraq showed that arm she got to come and sing. So tied up with us and yet just it's a special every time that works out. Cool iChat with both work it's your verdict the stage later tonight a speaker of awful for Christmas and you're actually earlier you know about being very busy you guys you always on the road and I see an excellent visibly it's February got a limited downtime here for the holidays in the new year any plans in that timer and in any plans you know leading in the next year. You always we are mixing bowl I've record right now so we we it. Been kind of many years and even sort of trying to figure this thing out and arm. Yeah I would because we have units having six records material plane. You know what amounts to a few songs from each record every night. And those such change a lot of years and you played and definitely alive and there's a different energy than that you bring to it and and because. The majority of our life is spent on tour and you know after this many years 1213 years it's good to look back in and and release that stuff that that really is you know we. We bring a lot of energy to the show and and and banned because that's what we live so much of our life onto her like we wanna. Show people that that is. Kind of like that is the story of who we are you know an arm. And while we are always putting out new music. Almost like you know the kind of the foundation that we ours a lot of these signs they hustled as least an occasion and drives and is now right with me a lot of these signs that we play every night. That are totally different animals and they were ten years ago we released him and that'll be really fun to show people. Very cool. Well speaking of those songs actually gonna wrap this up here and on a plane everyone assign audience which we pulled our kids here. Mining is only the ax and got me an an app from pulled work is joining us they wish that I settlement goes to juggle work its audience here broadcasting live from buffalo river works speaker of awful for Christmas night very.