Carmen and Lizzy 2/15/18 Live on Localized

Sunday, February 25th

Carmen and Lizzy performed live on Localized with Lexi

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That's our they say it would spring here and localize on alternative buffalo won a 77 and 104 or seven. Brought to you by mr. get back I am doing now live with Carmen and Lindsay that's on our hands. I. Funny guys tell me a little bit about Carmen and Lindsay and it. We are cousins from new Fe New York. And we'll buffalo now so we kind of grew up singing. At church a little bit. Where he is in our mom via. But than in 26 teens. My aunt Kathy you dislike actress for playing gigs. So it last benefiting of nearly two hours of covers. And pulled it off at 90 OK the suspense and he started kind of casually booking gigs each. Button. Yeah means it is just. So he added you know any time. Off citing growing about is there pretty close and we look across the street from each other. Yeah not an army. And you have three cats yeah. Media. Ad and say it all he talked about it before that bad audio little bit about the cap OK so. IA brought them in my staples paper by. Paris or four of them right there in a barn and then we've raised them to get it re. Adopted one out into keeping theory. Names are testing Sophie and content. And they're really funny they're gonna be won in April mainly out there and yeah may eleventh. I know this game may eleventh I got out and they could just. I hope we got to talk about tonight you guys recently put out an eat he Greg for the new years and you also have some shows and appear on I'm a little horse or are about that and the what's the first sighing and let live. I hasten efforts aren't too is where we now which is the title track of our EP. As the first song mean. It together. To. Could you original localize on alternate buffalo on a 77 and Lyle Larson and live a commonality. Yeah. Bang. It's. Saying is the man. Exude. Mean it is and yeah man. I have news yeah. Around me and needs. Name uniqueness. I mean now. Leave. In cities. I. Me now. The season staying. He's. And news CNN back. He's and things. Need a man. He I mean. We. And it. Man. A. And and need to. Create. Need to. And use it. Yeah. And need. And means. Man I need. It's. Permanently you lad here around localized Donald started about flow on a seven cent and on all fours and as an internal. Guys are made things could be looking and it absolutely. So recently recently guys out any key Tommie Liddell that I EP. So the song EP. We are first on earth don't we just played. That is that there is so fun Press Secretary for the first time. And other songs we pretty much wrote separately light years before sometimes men. As we stick to play together or we kind of children to each other and I tried to help each other out Oden and hand them only mom so that was such a fun process for us. Daily living to get married as is playing all the time. In an assailant so legalities past the study alive knives. We make time. Those are like writing those looks like your songwriting process he kind of pulled from a lot of all the stuff so what the EP yeah I was out of old songs by it. Read the rating we do now. We usually just like designate time. Ehrlich will make your own voice obviously you only bring them together but this last beacon and snag roundly expert. Two days in. That yeah that's our job was to write signs and so. Yeah now we write together. It's used. We'll easily kept things that we called green cards and where we just lake. Legal yeah I guess are legal pad and then just. Right every thing that we're thinking about public that we want to rate threat. REP a lot about relationships in the rating are kind industry that really. I think of other issues and things that are important to us and we kind of Cairo we wanna talk about. And then we bring in replacement with. Did you receive any of those where I. And then we start writing. And and I wonder roommates she's really came with an empire tickets allotted time she tells us. Yeah. Awesome I know you guys are also now your had a chance or yes sell middle class are. Tommy about the so I. Yeah so we're traveling with this and they'd just it's. Started they're called bewildered. Before their name pitcher for the security. Is salvage yards they carry and just random so they're doing there. Hunting together. Both related senators on the grounds of there project is really can leave many of the here's some of it. And add their from Chicago's were gonna meet them and then gonna tribal. And downed Indian through Ireland back appears that we do have a buffalo and Rochester so with them. And he went into the kitchen. Instead light 7007. And yet I Austin. And as far as the shell and offline apps are on us. So march 16 to Friday were pulling ample their coffee room. And then kind. The march 17 or plain dealing planet. And our hands and be with you yes that's exciting yeah and daily planet like our first gig pretty much. That we must. Is a very special eight years in a coffee shop scene I hate it. So as far as playing out you try to play out as often as he can yes we. Not as much as we used nearly before we would be like 03 fortunately that's fine. The pin number like sleep. Yeah. We try to keep it to two. And a weakened by. Am learning to pace of so being and kinda playing out as much as you guys have and have being part of awful Lemieux's team what are some Arab favor please apply. The case IA. Love. 42 north and publicly you sorrows. The that's her favorite place. And thoughtful we play emerge alive. And ransom nightmare. And yeah. And they're really get clear on an open Mike there. Are awesome and aunt Fanny line out they'll listening wants to keep up with permanently you are we finance media. Yeah so he's back to later. It's Graham. And my band sound we're trying to revamp that weaknesses it's that children that are tough. So we're trying to find other ways TrueCrypt. Promote it doesn't. The inspired by teens anywhere you stream. Harry can currency in. Oh. Protect and work for me to sign an iron yet so it's Hollis new. Yeah this is called the fade. It's basically about. Friendships that you're still friends of them. It. They're not yeah you sit and talk to them these documents. Soledad is great getting to know yes and I had a lot of fun and good luck and you're tall are you. And now be sure to keep up with terminal in the on social media and check out alternate upload act out after this. Yeah. Yeah. And saying there. He's in. Please pass. Can count on day. Today coal man. We now. Let us. Many. Innocent blue. And the that a steel band Manson. And soon do you. And and yes. C. I am then. Mean I mean. Seeing singer's eyes. And. Okay good cop. And you I mean. She sings it stop. Me. I. She sings this time. Let me. She is singing business. An eye disease. And we. She is saying Texas. I me. I can. I say can he is the. It's. You know hey. Good sales and massive means seeing him man. And this CB. DNA. I am well. And CB. Yeah. It is. Man match them is seen do you have. The yeah. Me and the best in man that knows me is seeing the you. I CB. And. Any CE cannot move her.