Wednesday, December 6th

Borns, sat down with Nik Rivers & Brandi, prior to his Night-2 performance at #TKBC 2017 at Buffalo RiverWorks.

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And that is latest from boards right there has made it hard on altered about the 10771047. We are live. Up from buffalo river works for night two of the proposal before Christmas is nick rivers here with brandy and joining us now live mr. -- boards welcome back to buffalo them. As the doing good we're glad to have you back here. And for your second appearance at the problem for Christmas. Man it's crazy you were here two years ago and I think you brought some snowflakes with the event. Yet it's a theme. Kelly to keep it theatrical and you know that you're just say before we came you know back on the air here that. On the last time you were finishing up the tour and now when you hear tonight you'll just be kicking off only to our right yeah yep putting out an album content to the room. Scanning get ready to end. Yeah skin tax increase that. We can't wait to hear at the new album and I want to ask you a little bit about your influences because that. Really entries in the especially I had read that was being at heart. There is several influences just on the track alone including eighty been Dion and the Belmont since he lacks rain yeah. So how do you feel managed to take all of these influences. And spin it into what is born in your own thing and then do this for like settled. Tracks. Well no pressure yeah came in that crack. It's nothing that I really plan against that kind of went the end. And since I was really young elect combining different things that didn't necessarily go together and those things are kind of in a similar wheel house you know like and a the disease at that time yeah well. But yet I mean mark Boland like frontier next sake. To go that influence from fifties music in and neck and the steps that. So I think there is there are similarities. In them but there's us. So yet and and like there was a music that's a little bit familiar in a way that you think. And I heard this before is this an act of some things. Yeah I am I'm always looking for differently street signs that he's his commanding different. Greene answer yet so yeah. When it comes to some of those artists that you know you take influences from. How did you discover a like for me personally like having I'm not musician but my musical shape as I look back in my life that was really shaped by what my parents were listening to an illegal when I was a kid yeah and my dad had no idea and records and a lot drifters records my mom was The Beatles person you like the British invasion stuff that's. That's what I still listen to today. Rather it was that you what you grew up on what your parents listen to it that influence of yet. Owned they listen to immunity and The Beatles are always playing and make John. And and that kind of got me. Redding sons and a piano islands and and that kind of summoning isms. It's like I think this is an in my DNA but at the yet Stephan with their plan routers thing. It was funny as well we were talking about this earlier and you add that I think it ya Al his public Elton John there's player and that and foreign music so that's how cool he's I love that love sifting out the influences young man actually and I will sit around and we I was it is what we do weekly music and we talked about new songs are like you know. Every time we hear something like that that reminds me yesterday each of us make our own personal connection to get on where comes from. And we can all hear hundred different things which the amazing part about music and think about it. You know I was reading this you know it we're we're you know some inspiration that you get I read a story where you were an LA where you found some fifty's and sixty's side by ox. How deduct about like we're re shopping you comic fan or was it somebody just stumbled across. Today. I was. So we can form. I just got back from Turin in LA and I decide I needed something. And I was looking for like a rock or something like a small round. And and thank you can make a Persian rug or something. No an elegant bathroom. But the iPad app yeah and then I'd never let me clarify. An adjustment is they can own kind of like vintage and they had these boxes and these sad time magazine's. And just that covers we're really captivating. And down. And it's I was just reading some of like the titles of the stories in the and they just I'm such as sector further rethink entitles them. I just got a bunch and read it read them and they kind of influence. My nightgown had space for that some of the new signings. In just kind of sort of futuristic playfulness that finesse. If things was greeted about attitude I'm not I'm imagining that you're going through their newfound like the bison at the scene from back to the future from our air flights that is looking at the fifty side is that guy that with a robot on the cover that's what on the match and yet. Yeah and there are really some of them were really kind of romantic and and but like in a really funny way and a lot of lot of them were like in the year 2018. You know. And so that they their perspective and that the future and insists it really kind of funny kind of. Full circle things and I was like I think this this is telling you something I have to do something with keys to some of that imagery in its end. That cat dealers sort of went some science and right now. It's very cool and I think a lot of people don't know that you're actually a professional magician. My age ten yeah right. Yes I am not proud that passer and now I know I am. This is funny it's like am. I. And that was like a crazy passion of mine from on ten and how how did you discover that that's like what you want to do when your look at. I think. I think we'll my parents had. Parties and Stephanie. I was kind of entertainment. And there was like I seldom. Make a don't magicians that gay doesn't mean they make them. They can't at a restaurant gig you know it's like I'm at a restaurant can accept a succumbing to it and found it interesting you sank him. Stories like fuhrman's. Kind of a challenge of talking to strangers and stuff that's something. That's cool can you definitely entertainer now I mean they ultimately very excited to see you back from buffalo tonight critiquing from. Yeah if you guys just tuning in now here boards joining us of course playing tonight along with same hotel and Jimmy world show is nearly sold out that you think again tickets don't wait on that box office open air up overworked. Doors at 610 in the show or six routine show starts at 710. So. I guess for you to take career path you've been a professor position. Professional magician. Moving on when you're done with music is there something that you want to view word explore the world there. After that with music like okay what's next for boards if you had to go down another path what would that be. Well. I mean I guess music is kind of excuse to. To. Be indifferent and other facets of art because I'm really passionate about film making in happen. Printing and it's I'm objecting Tim and his staff that has been putting after thank thank video visuals and and and I'm. I'm really. Involved is just the creative process of the photography and everything with my album and so. So yeah I mean music is just kind of one piece of doing now that south and assume this it's a way to travel and I just down. So it's kind of yeah it's kind of my my way of dabbling in everything else can. As you had a film that you had put out to right at his concerts for the Los sounds yet that a short film yes it is sure film pennant to. To that independently. Such incidents you know you can definitely do the movie route but then here's another idea like modeled as you can definitely rat rock of Gucci suit. Well cell that's an option has not yet. And Oman Essex house. We're just going to be musician oh yeah. He's here to sit there and might think about how I don't know like there's just I just feel. Insist. It's like being undermanned flying glass and it's easier being an aunt and amendments. And has also lake should be doing something should be ratings on fantasy entertainment. The community. And right out your words here with us playing tonight at the bubble for Christmas new album coming out next year as well yes yeah we have set date we have a name players that can be a mystery we do actually should be coming very soon probably Disney actually area because that yeah. I can't say just yet unfortunately it's like the last in the sand in the hour class just. We hurtful you know the bomb yet all right well we get to show tonight and new songs hopefully part of the sat yeah definitely fantastic well these dates and times without us today thank you for coming back to buffalo thanks for bringing all this no for the couple were Christmas. We were to the set and I can't be too thanks for having let's get back into what some more music from all boards from the album don't mean airs electric love the town hall buffalo 107701047. Live for verbal works for the night over the couple before Christmas night number two.