Thursday, November 30th

Bishop Briggs sat down with Emily, Shannon, Brandi & Lexi prior to her Night-1 performance at #TKBC 2017 at Buffalo Riverworks.

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Inside me. Bishop Briggs its dream model buffalo when his Evans avenue 104 is that then and I'm very excited right now is here Butler reports. We're joined by the ship breaks herself. Are you do and I'm so cannons that I'd be here I can tell because they knew he ended you gave us like the biggest. He's never joining us on your Shannon Amelie. Alexion route rays starter girl them yes I. And also when I came and I so appreciate the dimensions that I felt I fell on all the wires and I expire and I. They had to bring it up and to be honest. Yeah we've started a girl and I'm we're coming up with names that we have to figure them out Janet and I don't pump clean instrument. The year that the friend near the front. Rightly the hype hype for the highly Karen yes. And you play drums you played bass. OK Sosa hit it's nothing could not bring anything to the table I think I'm going to be in this band can I do think different that every had a flip. I've never played back I try to play the blues. When I was like in second grade because Titanic was out I can learn how to please. Mark and and I didn't really stick with it and I'm I'm not really music accountants as I am radio. I'll like that the if satanic purposes. Bubbly we're saying and you're bringing it up and that you want to use beat her fossil show up well so we are going to school you and that and you can get everybody out there in the crowd to do that some public passions that that I was practicing how to say it. But I didn't know that there is an. Actual shuffle oh yeah yeah they have shown me absolutely and send well I mean it's a thing media only Atlanta and so fighter pilot fantastic believe me your every second if I can describe the current soft we'll show. Legal and easier. She underwent Ashlee Simpson was on as a now and they constantly thinking and she did a hoe down and yeah offered is that's what the commission front curb fossil shuffle is a great. You know like that's really what happened with your area you got accountancy knew she and Robert salaam was slain and they were like okay he's wrapping up blockers and go out there and she's like he's not done. I'll go out. Now he's acted dance and Robert honestly is there. And thicker Apple's shuffle if it happens to you performing just keep saying okay. Okay it's I think Anderson we you're gonna come out. Now don't tell it how. I now own we have would be kind of plan. Now. The media and the same. Thing you know they'll vote it so yeah. It looked totally to it I I have to bring something not yet I have sadness on air and I have sat in and my Twitter in my case the pages. That there's a picture of you online and when you looking and it really quick ice we're TU it looks like family. So I swear that the two are you are trying to break each other's public miners. Well except for the fact that bishop resistor is hearing now because again that's girls gone RI RA they said if she's your. M answer yeah it's again my niece. Dash is my dated a manager or on the road and in life and yet she congress at all the out we we do it a little some black and we we always just look like. We're really excited to really eat some high. Cost and cost Blair faces just like. And so she's the same as hell isn't hard to separate like. You know family and then you know the work and the Rhoden and how do you keep a game relationship. I have no idea and we are learning everything. Today Eileen. Exactly as you like to get out there. I was your first ILA guy could not no that that now I think you're really helps him as brilliant as little bit earlier about. I think your hopes that we're best friends and big if we were just sisters are perhaps choose just may dated may manager you know we probably wouldn't have the dynamic that we have. But there's nobody that understands me more than her so that's really really nice that the group on our rights to. Other questions trio. I have a four year old daughter and she loves your music. And I saw this picture of you meeting this little girl that was dressed in the lake and very Q how did that feel oh my gosh I mean every time. That I experienced anything like that I mean even if it's an adults. But when it's a child I mean like the cuteness level is just out of control. And yeah I just wanna put them in my pocket and take them home with me but that's weird and that's I was writing you legal that's totally I would say Gary and it and that yes don't bring your kids tonight yeah. They don't address that and another week like they have this so weird it was so cute isn't it cute beginning our email we went there I can't. Unless I wanna ask you nick rivers interviewed you a little bit earlier this week and you guys are talking and he is something that you have they. Vinyl collection your big final collecting I have. A it this past door actually. Got a ton of final that him and excited about and it was all like the classics today was. Otis Redding Aretha Franklin the that I threw in my lord and and you know like the royals and he's a pure heroin and and yeah I mean I went of report this story is really really fun. Love noticed that they vinyl collectors now beyond yes I think it is clutches is only. Catholic high on your records. Give them cool display had it there are all on like big shelves I love that and I'm waiting for the Florida Alter my cell bill landlady La Hoya he need to like that some of them I against the law. We've known him range I laid soon. I think that's you know yeah I love with a girl and that reform yes ID act is not allowing more have to be yes the parents visit ever heard both. Hers though the etiquette on the hit. I think we have in common is they heard that you like to watch the real housewives I do now which franchise. I'm okay all of the have can truthfully and I am not an as yet that's just had a cop out. Let's get those let's be real it can be and that can be as C. I do love Jersey theaters and there's no filter like it is what those ones where like they do. It's if they were filtering themselves they wouldn't have said. You know whereas other lands you know they're could be. They're aware that the cameras there kinda yet put up the front yes now that Jersey love that little bit more mafia you know ten and a half they had Italian solemnly yeah and I. And Beverly Hills I am. And and I mean it's on is not real housewives scams every year I'm Alina laxity and what you guys are and other not so little and now. Again yeah well it's no it's guarded view it is that you know to appear that you don't watch that is Smart. I shouldn't government in depth look at him. We'll ice there's like video interview with you yet is that it hasn't alum I I know doctor you know well this is how I can't. You know I can't relax it expanded to. But it just felt like I was going lottery team yourself is there something else you prefer to watch what doesn't warrant doesn't violate stimulating. The problem I I agree it a lot that I have is that yes I'm injury here OK. But I didn't cast. Her. Album coming out can you that EP yes we love that peak winery anymore. I'm really excited I mean if you come to this show today you'll hear a lot of the music that would be on something like an album I'll look at this EP yes. But yeah I think it's the goal for every artist that you have an album that represents you and represent that timing your life. So I'm just gonna take having thin mean I'm definitely going around your question all good things take time. Yeah I'm happy that spring. Hopes that obvious things I hope and it really excited about. We're excited for it tail and down. Everybody here very excited to see you tonight as well the thinking that day that Hillary be should it tickets you can still grab him up or they're 45 bucks get on down here to buffalo river race check out this ship raced. And here's river now on all buffalo won a 771047. Okay.