Bishop Briggs Part 1| Nik Rivers | Interview

Tuesday, November 28th

Nik Rivers chats with Bishop Briggs prior to her performance at #TKBC 2017, Night-1.
Part 1 of 2


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Altered about 0107701047. Of course the cause trouble for Christmas night number one coming up later this week on Thursday. Very excited for Atlanta that we have we got new politics mark Courtney. And for what I believe it's going to be your first appearance in buffalo is that I'm aware of bishop breaks and she's join us on the phone right now our act. Or. And you could get excited talking excited to have you on the show and I'm. More excited just I if I'm correct this is going to be your first time in buffalo. It yeah it is and I'm so excited and that and that lineup is that they like Jerry and say am happily like Alex by. I I love it when artists actually have excitement and passion about other bands on the bill and playing these shows and it means a lot to us it means a lot to the audience that you guys earlier into what you do. Sitting here you sit as a fantastic thing. Yes that that line at the creek it. You're coming down this Thursday tickets available still altered buffalo dot com and you know I gotta say the first time eyesight alive was earlier this year was out at SXSW. I'm. And it was one of the outdoor stages and it was earlier. I know it's early in the it was dark to SXSW turns into a blur for me sometimes but. But Hewitt wrap it just right after you wrapped up your first saw the look on your face and the smile and induct. Agreement that you were getting that you could tell that you were so excited to be they are doing. I mean every time I get reform you know I've really taken and and you know what I'm thinking that if you like a bright act I wrote I'm so angry and had and and sat around and not add. And look around and I think Ali that the eye injury incompetent and gloves and yeah I think that is truly truly get out. On yeah you know when. Living in LA where he went to college. How did that affect you as far as writing songs in an ended is that part of the process now when you think about which are writing and looking back your life at this time. Why have a lot to do it every year and your family airplane in the living. And you know that really happened anywhere and the war I think and it really lucky that it is that it crap and were inspiring creative app I've played a lot of it used and that's really what got me and you begin. And then back into higher honor really. Inspired by writing and I just stop all these are that. That day. Ankle and and that you know what it can't stop. You know these are. I wanted to be. It's weird how you know everywhere I go on pocket to be my parents when tiger up I don't wanna beat them but like I remember that my mom had all The Beatles records of my dad was. You know he was a beach weighs in Motown and Otis Redding and drifters and all that sounds like two totally different worlds that they lived and but like my love of music is kind of come into those two planes. Because it. So yeah yeah so it's a funny things alike IA AA you know you know that things that they did it to be as a kid sometimes I'm like I would never do that maybe I won't but like the music they listen to kinda has lived on to another generation because of that. Totally. I agree that the IV is now ahead. So much of your list is pretty solid idea IA I have become quite the the vinyl collector over the years and I think every one of those artists that you mentioned I think I have at least one album from a month final sell fantastic list of influences there. It. That is definitely truth if you guys are just fitting in with us bishop breaks TK BC 91 featured artist on the phone. Let's do some to an inch from her this is river and we'll chat more after this altered about.