Bishop Briggs | Interview

Friday, April 20th

Bishop Briggs, checked in with Nik Rivers, to chat about the release of her debut album "Chuch Of Scars"

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Bishop urged right there in river altered about low 10771047. And if you're just tuning edges on the phone with us and we we are chatting all things American Idol. A bit of a trip to like you know you eating you're not too far into this career game your first album just out there today yet here you are on the show being watched by millions of people mentoring other people at all. Can't I truly truly can't believe that and that's why I just took they came and just tried to appreciate everything that the economic. You know that's what great things about you two like a you you seem appreciate all the time you seem very genuine especially out there on Twitter and on social media. Like you having met you I know that your voice that's speaking on those accounts I would. If he's asked or is that I had I would I would I would not like if someone else's running those things I think that. An opportunity to you know be able to talk to the people that are the danger music and not particular that aren't and I think they're playing really refreshing about that. Absolutely and I'll thank you thank you very much you go to AA it's you know I I don't wanna make it seem like I I am stuck your Twitter but I was going through let's ask tough and reading yet. And an and one of the nice things and us and they're each weed out the other day they you're watching an interview with with landing infants are high. And about. He was talking about you and you keep watching I repeat is thought it was so sweet and what I want to now I want it gives you the opportunity talk about him so returned to create. I could have hit OK all right guys. They get that is true on the his band is backlog they're quiet they're an incredible band but I a yeah I gave. Yeah and very about the believed thing there his name is landed. And that yes he is like the light of my life. He is truly played my a go to that person for empowering me and I hope I carry him and I hadn't just yeah my partner in that back craziness that my partner in crime against you it's sad but it's more like a partner in -- good things but yet we have really committed any crimes I mean especially none that I would admit on the radio and that guy yet. Partner in that I look at things. Or make sure you get that up on the web so he can watch that our people as well. Baker he. Could do and that ending may add on and the net you know plead yeah. Are we don't worry we'll keep the dark dark side dish about their work. Regular dark side once again Georgia scars the new album in stores today bishop brakes on the phone with us. Big you so much for taking the time to chat with us they always. Yeah hi your that it that I can appreciate you think it. You're very welcome best of luck with the new album hope we get you back here to buffalo soon I want thank you got a let's get back into outs in Tunisia from the new album church of scars this would be the very latest from bishop breaks it's called white flag it's in these discovery here and I'll turn to buffalo chicken out.