Bishop Briggs | Interview

Friday, April 20th

Bishop Briggs, checked in with Nik Rivers, to chat about the release of her debut album "Chuch Of Scars"

Part 1 of 2.

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I delays in the AJ our Brothers right there that it's called burn the house down it's been he's discovery here on altered buffalo. I told this was coming up excited porch is always a pleasure to talk to X ecstatic she's taking time out of her album released day to join us on the phone this afternoon ladies gentleman friend of the program miss bishop Briggs. There how are you. All happens so again how are you. And just agreed to speak to you today happy church of scars day. Yeah and beat you is that happy day with that too depressing title her. Right I thought the same thing I'm like looking at your your outline present today and I'm reading about as not like only got over the moon on this but. Tonight. Yeah dying now well I had to remain true to myself and you know they're writing at this album neo was about going into this car is and I'm trying my best to be unafraid of themselves. I had to be the title. Very cool well I mean glass and you you were here was back in December you're here critical fumble before Christmas we can ask you about a new album and your kinda shy about it like going I hope it's coming you knew I was coming. I do and that's for two and a half years thanks Jack and Lee. Losing my mind. And I am I wasn't. Purposely you know I can't live maybe what I played divert. They attention to it and maybe was trying to not answer. But it feels donate to Leo look to be completely honest and yeah and get something political out. Well it's it has been a process. And now that it's all come together like now that you have the physical album I mean in front of EU India and you're looking at it. What are you most proud about with this record. How many times. It. It is one of those things that I think as an artist it's always your goal it has. Something that I you know represents the timing your life I think that's why albums will always be Thailand and threw me this was something that what is the goal of mine you know add gold to its. I don't know it's maybe as a human as an artist I'm trying to show my mum. You know just those things. You know it it's kind of you know they that the way music is evolved through the years to any say they you know the album is timeless and I kind of agree with you and that sense because there's a lot of artists out there agency a single here are single their median EP. And you know growing up with the music and that was what I always love the album until the on the stories that they would tell from beginning and. So it about the beginning to Andy yes yeah. There's a lot is they are you know Kazaa I think that there are at least I always thought ours were trying to tell a story when they're trying to put an album together as a reason the songs are in the order actor Adam. Lilly that is a 100% true and it with this album in particular it was so important to have the song to match. That. Or from the beginning you know there were some of the first songs that ever released because without that kind that would even be able to make an album so to be -- to show start to finish it was just insane. I'm excited Saddam was this they have magic check is that I'm in here. Yeah they do. Only thing. Absolutely I think aptly radio for couple more hours this afternoon but when I'm done I'm going to listen this evening able Def now. And you guys this journey with us right now bishop brakes on the phone the new album church of scars and stories out there everywhere you get music today go find it a listen to work artists to speak of a new and up and coming artists who degree I. I was flipping direction I was in my wife was flipping through channels and she came across American Idol and the lightning coming up next bishop Briggs. And how that all come about how was it being an American Idol. Oh my gosh I just sat here like I think the rest. And second of all I have no idea you know Iowa is mentoring on there you know with these incredible artists that have huge. Career. And I think to college degree and I thought I really couldn't believe I was there I was mentoring trapper and Qaeda and I mentoring I really mean that they were teaching me everything. Right before I went on and I did turn to. Trapper and I said oh my passion still there today and he gets heckled at this week and bodyguards he'd keep things. To be our men are but I hope that out later remain nervous they think that the that unfortunate because they're the exact same age so. I definitely act I don't know about the back mentor but I hope I was the best friend Todd given hope. Well let me tell you watching the show you actually knocked out of the park that night I'll hold on line 12. Let's get in some music right now in the we'll chat more things American Idol with bishop Briggs here's river all of low one of 771047102. Point five HD two.