Thursday, November 30th

Barns Courtney, sat down with Nik Rivers, prior to his Night-1 performance at #TKBC 2017 at Buffalo RiverWorks.

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Altered at buffalo Lotta sense that a 1047 Bard's gritty right there with fire and we are live the republic over Christmas night one and we are joined by the man himself who. Ooh welcome back to buffalo my men and I'm happy to be back this place is glorious I think last time we had you here we were we were tasting with skis in Bergen is due today I believe that that was my job. That was all that was expected of me to come wake up we go drink today. That's that's wonderful it's good times will work cited have you part of the bubble before Christmas night number once I a couple of reports aren't gritty bishop breaks new politics tickets are available the box office and doors are open now at the box office doors open venue 615 deceiving and and you start off the show at seventeen he. So we're looking forward to that so of you know this really threw me for a loop until I did more reading on this but when I first heard about you. Is it always is a British guys an English guy that I met you and taught Jim Mike pulls what got him back satin and I realize you moved to Seattle early in life I just put it on to get attention. Girls and it kind of spun out of control and then suddenly everyone thought I was British. And I tried to stop it but I've built up too much momentum at that point in the you don't turning back there then there's no turning back so now I don't know what to do. I mean like. You spent a good at my time very up the Pacific northwest though I did edit and you wound up going back in all seriousness. A move there was four in the lived there for. A good ten years. And then moved back to England to a lovely little town called Ipswich which is culturally devoid. Of of any thing. Is it like hill country air no I mean we got we we won the football once and like 1975. The un American we still talk about it at the un American. The foot which makes more sense than it does you'll football makes a lot of we're all that you could if we defeat yet so speak the queen's English or get out. What at least you have that here in buffalo there there's never been championships now so it's which has had over buffalo guys can have a championship like that you have the interest cheerio diving championship did you see the cheerio plant external last year when you're walking by him and it's a year permeates it's kind of it's nice though you that a like factories miles but this one. It's pleasant this is in the top ten factory smells. But I worst the worst part is that what you come out of our like 2 in the morning and then you're smelling that you just Google might see areas like my god there's a gap in the market for late night Cheerios real star ray cheater bar higher Cheerios and on the day like sometimes -- -- with lucky charms of my economically. Only land me don't go with my am now this is all true this is all true so like there's a bar right around record your calls one households are buffalo which went up after show here and you come out -- you just smell -- can we do that we can do at that we do that we can do that we've told you your arms or smoke here I don't. The pastor Collette in stroke my Fareed you vodka. The story behind that that's that's extremely dirty what you say about air weary for each he's actually referring to his palace yes. And the not as dirty as it sounds head we've just gotten to the interview got very blue David just you'd think and urged Turkey here with us a tough balance of the way. You know quite good way of putting that what you could got into the the most scientific dry termed by Iowa that you get it is that you as a radio friendly as possible but it does get a feel good about that. Up with octaves the new album attractions of youth yeah. Hold or rocket is an idea on Christmas on I am a heavy back influences on that one do you expect and yeah I mean I didn't actually mean to to reference and so heavily in the I'd listen to it. Out that is that is that. Yeah it's very orderly way yeah for sure I played it to his bass player just him and we'll Johnson liked expecting him to be like it is what you do you're totally ripping my for an act. And he didn't hear it all isn't that weird like it's in music and I've hired instant not rip off the no items were coming from he and exaggerating but yet all I expected him of all people to be on that references in the and heating yet. So but I'd hear today go all the records into the net we're looking forward here yet look at where to see you out there live once again this evening. When you are. Out of out on the road obviously been a lot different places and made a lot different types of venues. You still prefer the smaller to the things you get used to the bigger stages the bigger crowds at this quarter hurt you have a dream of like a festival when they that you want to be the man on the stage there. Imagine me imaginable by you man oh man I'd ask the man on the stage you thought of Alice apart this day she no longer a boy. Is that in the mine to sings Hungary I'm clear about the sugar plum fairy. It it's just heard much or we're reaches way I'd feel like heavily buckets back for us later invited me to share my dreams I thought now that's. Absolutely didn't realize just calm out and immediately keep it must. They're tolerant and that it's him yeah I love intimate venues there's something that you'll never ever get back when you leave those places and certain ways of performing and interacting with the audience that. Cannot exist anywhere else. Having said that the bigger venues are wonderful on their way. But I will always always go back to play in the little shows no matter how big things yet. Awesome awesome. The last time I actually saw you perform live you were hospital gown had a broken leg and nurses on stage with the about isn't it gate that was just that was in the hospital he could be very intrusive it was the drug you've made my mother cry when you get on your morphine drip I don't know what happened and weird it was a good night heard it was a good back there what can we expected to have a personal puzzle that was like right there was yes I broke my foot the summer fest. And in Milwaukee. I I kind of like the crowd was so far away talk about bigger gate at the currently 500 feet away from the excel. And the last program to honor students speak these people's. Pavlik entities use running leak. To get over the photo pit and in the VIP area and then like the security area and then I kind of like landed on the pulled my legs right out and and one my arms out like majestic bird of prey. And I hit the ground and my foot just kind of exploded in 2000 splinters and a realized it was concrete at the bottom not grass is that anticipated able. So that was extraordinarily painful but I didn't want militants he decries so it jumped up. And I cannot shuffled about. Bit awkwardly on my foot. Accredited one of those dances at the bird's steal one like National Geographic. And like horrible about to trying to attract a mate. Which it did not. And then. I left and went to bed and the next day when I influence in LA and like you know done all kinds of crazy stuff. They told me that it was prodigious they broke him. She's so I don't wanna be just like stuck in one place for these upcoming gigs than to cancel cancel. So. I was trying to think how I can turn that to my advantage. In April that the thrown in with a state roll you know people. People don't care what he does he's written some degree to instantly knew what he wants when your new acts that you don't know especially at a festival like Lollapalooza. People like aren't will impress me I don't care you broken foot. Yeah it. I hobble around today. So I got my friend Kimberly address of prisoners were it not like at sixty owners. Must say she's not sexy. And they just a hole here I'm just San. That it was that it was not a sexual last thing got I understood that as quickly there. An early night Cheerios after that just got we got super weird. Yet that's key to the camera on. But we did the things and she was like pushing me around the hospital Gurney. And it was it was great I mean it was really fun but there's a problem with the the microphone. Stand slavery like a couple of seconds I'm like in this. Bed in the spokesman says gently lower and lower every few seconds and I'm slipping down into the most intense yoga positions of ever done in my life depressingly. Am and and it is the life. At the end of the solar push this thing back up again and it does template militant again you again that's an important in my there's just some other. Like inconsequential piece of equipment and anyway yeah so it was it was fun it was challenging that. It was just the videos and whatnot as I am I what I do you circulate I wondered were the idea where the content came up were but it was pretty amazing to see as low was a stream the videos afterwards and I watch it again as they are so good to see that you're moving around disappointed that we all have been on 69 not leaders on stage tonight practice. What you wanna go there -- have the costumes theory go buffalo would not complain I could still put it on make it happen I would I would agree and there's. Bartz guarded everybody you know it says here it is the problem for Christmas night one buffalo river works let's get back into the dude it's well what has talked about earlier off the album attractions of youth. This is hobo rockets or altered about low 10771047102. Point by the HT to live from Butler reports.