Awolnation | Interview

Thursday, June 14th

Aaron Bruno of #Kerfuffle 2018 featured artist AWOLNATION, checked in with Brandi to chat about their upcoming apperance at Kerfuffle.


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Or so Alex say they had he backed here for Kerr fossil. The last time you're back here in buffalo for our current buffalo was back in 2016. And it's pretty cool I had he'd be back carried got a whole new outlook now lot's happened since that. Yeah I remember the last time we played it was really special he'd be there the a violent fans clay yes and and I listened to so much for you know when I was thirteen to fifteen it was incredible to play with them and it was very shocking. Calling after the and so I was kind of trip about onsite day watching the band might use you know place such a great show and think well I could factor follow their. And that is the problem is you know get that much more effort into being an incredible show. For this year's lineup Taking Back Sunday Roberts along that we can have you played with any of these artists before are you looking forward a plane with one of these in particular. I think we played with all of them. At some point in the last you know several years at the same continue to go up the great thing about festivals as a cop a budget you friends along the way. And it's kind of like this funny rock and roll. You know summer camp where you can be people who and catching up about how they're doing their home are the docs and so forth and so on and then you know trick on the competitive juices are flowing water. No because that act on the days that it be that it and we are gonna come and a couple of those Google market our equipment from buffalo but. Scott itself it was huge. Shut out to Darryl compilations that is well I have it. I'll let us that's awesome will we cannot wait to have you back care and there's been a lot of exciting things going not for you and a long leash and and one of them in particular. As that Star Wars of course releasing their new film soul well. And it featured a run in the trailer which is the first time a Star Wars film has ever use modern music. For their treated easily using a school are so how cool is that. I mean out of even though I was speechless when I heard about it we're in now somewhere in Germany. Kind of recently when I've I'd heard rumors that we are up for a solo trailer and then I just put it out of my mind is. Is too good to be true of course and then now I got the call that are happening. Alleges Florida and then the next side it after two Barca introduces himself for the first time for the great so thought you know it appears that. There's incredible I watched the trailer over and no turnovers. I still can't believe it. Well we think it is so cruelty and I remember when you were here for Kirk awful it was on the run torque. And you guys had that at stake opening to at at our shell and so we cannot wait to see which are gonna bring to this year shall. Thank you so much yet those those really fun to get it later on oak and then and now it's only fitting that we opened with here come around. Ray and which aren't talk about the new album obviously this held on an ally you sat in a lot of energy is it's very it's hard to read and it's a lot different a little bit different focus last electronic and what made you wanna switch gears. I think you know the airwaves. Have become pretty flooded with a lot of electronic sounding music and it's become easier and easier to make that that kind of music with technology and you know that. Art form. Craftsmanship. And real guitar playing real drama and and Iraq you know gold to his music has become. More difficult to discover in in my travels I thought it would be really appropriate to. Apply those aspects back to the airwaves and hopefully keep it get people excited about. Playing instrument with Iran and and it. Using a mouse and keyboard to be so. While it's such a great album from start to finish and in particular right now on we refer to our listeners as the all family and they are loving handyman and when I told are in a listeners that I would be speaking with you. We got a lot of questions about tracks on the new album but in particular handyman and Cindy Schmidt she wants to know is there a deep. The meaning of behind handyman. Well that depends on what the meaning mr. ha. I took up so is it deeper than what she thinks it is you know I don't. But damn can you do is draw that line out there about the government and showed area. It is open for interpreting and. Yeah of course I'm a kind of chemical known in the song. And them you know throughout our relatives at a time where where our country. And continued to be. Pretty bad at each other and now you know I'll cover that it. You know it was inevitable that it it's way. Into one of my song good. Overall the on Mormon nostalgic. You know love song and idea of time travel and if you could go back and you know warned about or maybe you yourself. You know I'm fascinated with time travel of course there and I look up the year. It and you know who would I go to Florida times become more. Org suggests different routes in order to avoid certain speed bump for life. And so forth and so on so it's a bit of you know I'm certainly not a handyman. Actually you know my wife has much more and it is and my friend source he's been that it saw cook and bet that they don't but I can't. So but I'm handyman at the ocean through songs are so I thought I would you know put a clever little where boys together with that. You know I think songs on the album meal like passion handyman at 76 dynamite they stand very well on their home but. I do think there's something to be said. When you listen to here come the runs from start to finish it's definitely telling a story and do you think people are missing Al. Imus story if they're not listening to album because so many people don't listen to awful record from start to finish anymore. Of course but I've sort of grown to accept that there are people who want to listen to do. The story of all. You know and some people who just don't have the attention span to do go so I've kind of accepted that and you know make my albums. Front and her music lovers like. Like your listeners yourself in and be our friend I'd put. All the while knowing that the chase chances are most people what is pleasant view it odd on a single basis you know. And that's kind of sad but. The book club so that isn't so much of the music out there. And it's a pretty exciting time I remember what I think kidnapping is on the but the song and wait for months for the all out about her weight for months. You can deal but by this single on cassette tape or CD is out here and just to disarm instantly got such a great but. It will also record yeah I absolutely yeah encourage people to listen idiot the record's front end. I think after this interview they're deathly gonna wanna do that if they have an already and I wanted to know what there maybe some a year favorite albums listen to is from start to finish I mean you talk about. So many artists you've been inspired by and I just wondering if you have needy a couple that you would name offering a way. And Radiohead OK computer was a pretty big deal publicity front and early in either record really good that that was the stable. In on a heavier level. Refused this shake out called the what a great record of the truck and Ilya carcass. It's incredible what we could basically take any Beatles album in the front and especially you know outside. Are started every day and the white out both sides. Classics Garcia. Well and I am also. Who were called for calmness there at the sun soak it in this spring he ought to USA. Or without Nebraska is one spot out front and it. And now on the list kind of goes on and on not really. Failure rate after my own heart rate parent love those and I do. So the last time you were here for her Koppel on was back in 2016. It was during the run tore and I gotta say. A lot of top was happening about your romper that you were wearing everybody loved the romper that your rocking on hits over it flicks like this time around you may be wearing overalls for they're coming around storm. Well. Been thinking he. Thought process that goes into what you're gonna awareness to a BKQ what are your best but short course. But at the same time and these weeks where it's so much that it is basically annihilate your. Close it's pretty gross to sweat. You have had your. Pants rubbing your leg that that somebody people usually I'm sure they'll think about it couple other significant. About what we Wear that. And what goes into that you know and I washing clothes after the show that you compete. So it's dirty drenched in sweat and grossly. Ochoa some of that to go to survival and some of that is is Altria and that a little bit of fashion you know. I do you have a big collection of vintage overall strip out that it's been circulating but sometimes is that good old fashion featured in the the advance go along way as. Well I hope you bring the overall the plan. Okay because he thought I. Lot overall shorts to rock for her thoughtful so I'm hoping he'll had years so you know we can at least Randy gathered the. Well maybe act return some of my. Regular overalls and overall shorts. You think you can read their regular ones you know we don't have to be the same I'll have the shorts and you can't regulatory. Exactly yeah backed off element anyway. And I wanna know you know for me eighty some of our Al listeners that are coming the show that haven't seen a nomination before what can they kind of expect to experience. At any money shouldn't show. Just just a celebration of music clip with a lot of passion and not just because we have some call but because that's just what. What happened the last glad a lot on the end in bringing it back it's much as I can do a lot of yeah. The other part Crockett hardcore shows that I look growing up so much what people will visit interaction between the staging and you know the people. In the audience I tried my best to blend together so it doesn't feel like we're up on this gigantic stage immediately below that I'd rather feel like we're on the stage together you know expressing myself the best we can and the rest is history you know we will be people ought to come back and what. Do you guys its service. I definitely think cell and I think our listeners are totally ready to party with a long lesion on June 16 for her file awful. Were all really looking forward to seeing you guys again we can't wait a thank you so much -- for her take a time that chat with us today I really appreciate it and I'll see as soon. Are at a calendar under their for the overall tour. Not some I can't wait.