Sunday, December 17th

AJR, sat down with Brandi, Kennedy & Shannon, prior to their Night-3 performance at #TKBC 2017 at Buffalo RiverWorks.

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AG are featured rivers Cuomo that a sober up here are alternative buffalo alive from buffalo river works for TK BC. Night number three of you was she had it in Brady had joined by Adam jacket right at age are what's up guys. Yeah Dylan. We're doing good how are you enjoy him very. Much. Well we're so happy to have you here about the line note that you guys are no stranger you're a buffalo. And sell tonight's going to be a little bit different now because Jack you had injured yourself guitar and I have added. Myself I sprain my ankle and possibly other things I've DX ray. Nicholas I will listen to your eyes aren't so hot that happened to you yeah we're playing show last night in Kansas City and I tend to move around a little more than I should on the stage and the first jump I took a step on the side and rolled it and it's kind of hard to crack and now. So is fairly indeed Grohl they see out there tonight not very is actually worried that hey he's thinking I should make the throne and. I think there's so I know we can put that together if you read as acting out of that would be fat out definitely out will get somebody out to a so how is that gonna patty changed the supper tonight. It gets did you yeah yeah we decided you get as many like acoustic songs as we get together we still want to come play a buffalo and a of the station thank you for supporting seriously. Yes or in a place an acoustic versions of our songs tonight and delegate. I'm trying to put the positive spin on this I think it's really cool for our listeners because they're gonna get to see something that not every city gets to see. So even I know you're in a lot of pain right now. I am kind of excited for the ill feeling to comments here sent to make you get a piece national yeah I think acoustic is fun because he gets its share your personality that more and interact with the audience more so yes definitely going to be. You're gonna find here with river where it's at an intimate venue. You're gonna feel like you're getting hot from the audience merely merely Paul I'm I've never gotten a hug from an audience before some keyboards family yeah a lot to live up to everybody listening right now I think tonight. Well you guys he could be touring for multiple years now and you've played with many different acts who's the most interest to act he has played with. How are we open up for Ingrid Michelson. Last year and I was probably the best opening slot that we never done she's just like the most talented musician and it's so cool getting to talk with someone who's had like hit after hit for like thirteen years. Because all you do is you say I am stepping back I just wanna learn from you you know so it's so it. And speaking of personality she's kind of the master that she could probably be a stand up comedian if she trashes Lexus like incredibly hilarious. And he kind of talks to an end a huge theater as if it's just one person and really intimately as so I think we learned a lot in the. So let's not social media because it seems like social media definitely has a plane into your latest on that we airplane. I know for me personally that I feel like footballer when somebody famous follows me on Twitter stuff. I had I don't I don't hear any. Had to beat treaty they when rivers almost started I'll tell me up we've been huge fans of Weezer forever on the I think that. They did something really cool in the ninety's where. A lot of these rock stars like these alpha male you know handsome cool guys these Kurt Cobain guys and Weezer came out and said. You can be nerdy and quirky and as long as you have like something to say and a point of view you can be kind of a rock star I think we always looked at that and we always thought let's kind of Tikka. Alternate perspective on lyrics and and and that kind of thing. So he followed us on Twitter and originally we thought we are being cat fest for sure we've got a guy right this is some trap via but it wasn't it was hand India. He told us that he liked our song week and we ended up featuring him on and so rep as pretty cool. How was were members. So we need him until after the song was done we just did it by email and it was so crazy he's like the weirdest writer ever and he knows it per share he gets is you know it. And the way he wrote es we had. Basically got a song finished except for the bridge and we were like oh here you go out what you write the bridge so we sent to him and he said. Okay how does Howard these lines and sent this email like a hundred options. For rhymes for the lines. And some of them were in Spanish somebody down war and even English word apparently a horse their rivers club that this is why your rivers club there is an amazing yeah. Did you finally get translator and get Elvis. Typical what we kinda like leap for awhile we finally found my favorite colors you which worked so perfectly for the. Yet no that is definitely a beautiful line in the song and what I find really cool by guys as you have. So many different influences. That your inspired by and when I was in a looking at some of them I think it's interesting is that Frankie valley. The Beach Boys they hear it influenced by Kanye West wing on pilot so Heidi and managed to take. All of the music that you love and things like that and make what is age hair. That's your question and answer your question and I'll I'll talk and it is time I feel like we we think about this a lot. We think about trying to not restrict ourselves I think is seen as you. But the word that a certain genre on a banned it actually becomes a restriction this band is you know alternative to spend as Rocco whenever I think we just try and think. What do we like in the moment and try and tie it back in in kind of an emotional meaningful way to the rest of the album and so yet what Rory. I was gonna say something really important to us is no stalls and we grew up listening to all the music of the fifties and sixties are parents played the vinyl records like the original stuff they had. Of the beach boys and Simon and Garfunkel and The Beatles. And we kind of wanted to bring that stuff back in in terms of melody writing lyric writing but also combine it with modern production like you would hear on the radio. So I want to bring nose like old times stories with something that you can hear anything contemporary society. Yeah they're pretty Smart continue from what I understand. Columbia University know. A little earlier this. Now you have we've read he graduated from Columbia and the and Ryan are dropouts did. Not now we're still there I think time will tell I'm really yeah Colombia has this thing where daylight it takes so much time off in between semesters so. We're gonna graduate woman like forty and did all these again graduate I've navy who does. They have. You know what don't really cool because especially because I'm sort a kinda like you guys wearing have the serious job and I went back for the fund jockeying Brady L. So I think that you give people hope out there that hey you know what you could still be an hour to be Smart and so had a serious stuff but you can also be a rock star as well you know I think. Line for us for sure because we love learning about as much stuff as we possibly can and we love music such work is you're serious job. Nursery and that's right so I couldn't. And you like to gamble that you like how Montana kind of like split personality thing. I radio out yet you have a long long way that you put on when you go to the hospital and you're a fan that I now I just you know just kindness. Yeah I'm very cleaned up in serious focus is sort of an ultra Alter ego thing and I got into. Were you by the buffalo river worked with. AJ are Kennedy brandy and Shannon and what is the one thing that you guys. Love doing. The one thing we love doing eating. The difference foods of the places we are an of course for wings tonight that's a paper yeah we're gonna go to buffalo Briggs and it. Oh so it's really amp up allowing all the time and I miss that civic yet today that it you know and we'll go to locals wings players would. We agree or even buffalo islands in awful. Iron OK. Okay we're moving on from. Sorry about that. Trinidad science. Because this is the holiday shallots occur buffalo before Christmas and you guys have family Brothers. What are some holiday traditions you guys are looking forward to him. The last time we were home during holidays and honestly to celebrate the what about what are some intraday always watched elf. All out as they get 10 and how the current sold for an hour and a and the sponge Bob Christmas special as the guards on. And then passed you rate in the viewing list of things you lots rate for Christmas which is ourselves down and do nothing basically for a couple weeks the source. Now talking about Christmas movies very controversial subject of social media that got into the past couple weeks do you guys think divers Christmas. Sure yeah stock. About what kind. The RNC offers you all the lights on my favorite trilogy. Mike it I had its of its trilogy the other ones that are in the first when the first one of the earth and it takes place on earth active. And I would honestly consent mean what's the definition Chris this movie does is actress. Now. It. Apple's last night yeah there's definitely no lesson learned that they get its feet away and yet lessons and don't recognize. Well there's still plenty of time to get on down here alternately get your tickets to see aging air tonight tickets are 45 bucks at the buffalo river works box office thanks guys for Chang is excellent. I rate now it's weak AJ our help buffalo won a 771047.