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Nik Rivers

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Hey #AltFamily , thanks for taking the time to click some thingies and find your way to my page to find out a little more about me. 

You can catch me Monday-Friday on Alternative Buffalo from 3-7pm.  If you aren’t aware, I am a novice Vinyl collector.  An update on my vinyl collection for those of you that have stopped here before…I have now filled up all 8 storage crates in my living room (550+ pieces).  I mean, I don’t have any room for any more records, so I guess it’s time to thin the heard a bit. 

How does one choose which vinyl they no longer want?  Man, this is gonna be tough…I digress.

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to follow me on the Social Medias by clicking those fancy lil’ buttons. 

Odds are if you do; you will find me in Vegas, at a concert, or spouting off random #DeepNikThoughts

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