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Greeting & Salutations #AltFamily !

Join my shenanigans from 3-7p Mon-Fri here on Alternative Buffalo. A little bit about me, I’m an Aquarius, yet I don’t really care for long walks on the beach.  I don’t mind Pina Coladas…While I’m on that train of thought, getting caught in the rain sucks.

UPDATE FROM MY LAST POST HERE - What are my life goals? Glad you asked….To surpass my record high of 4 trips to Las Vegas in a calendar year.
SUCCESS!! -I visited ‘Sin City’ SIX times in 2019!  If I want to stay married to my lovely and understanding wife…. that record will never be broken.


  • I am a diehard fan of the 27 time World Series Champion New York Yankees #PinstripePride
  • Die Hard IS a Christmas Move
  • Yacht Rock is the Breeziest form of music known to man…Don’t @ me

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