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So where to start… Once, at a company Christmas party, the whole building was hijacked by thieves out to steal millions of dollars and I had to stop them single handedly thanks to the do-nothing LAPD and gun happy FBI… wait, that’s the plot of Die Hard. I grew up in So. Fla and made my way to Buffalo after a brief stop in Rochester. You can usually find me at a concert, on the radio, or in front of my TV binging Netflix. I also own two High School Junior Hockey league records: most time spent in a penalty box; and I was the only guy to ever take off his skate and try to stab somebody… wait, that’s Happy Gilmore (gotta stop doing that). Any who, catch me Weekdays 6p-12m, or Sunday Night 6-8p for ‘The Underground Collective’. Cheers! Yippie Ki Yay! Take care of each other #AltFamily.​

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