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#DiscoverAndDownload: Run River North - "29"

"During the writing of Drinking From A Salt Pond, the band admits to flaring tempers and tense operations as they worked to redefine their sound, goals, and relationships…” Since the band’s beginnings just over four years ago, their rise has been steadily spectacular, marked by appearances on...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: Waters - "Hiccups"

When Van Pierszalowski was 16, he’d typically come home after a long school day, sit impatiently in his room, a bit disoriented, restless and claustrophobic. He grew up in the small town of Cambria on the central coast of California. He spent his summers on his dad's fishing boat on Kodiak, Alaska...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: Joseph - "White Flag"

This weeks #DiscoverAndDownload track of the week is " White FLag " by the sister trio Joseph . There is nothing like the sound of siblings singing together. Whether it’s the Beach Boys or the Everly Brothers—or, more recently, First Aid Kit—absorbing the same breathing rhythms and speech patterns...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam - "In A Black Out"

I Had A Dream That You Were Mine is an album of songs Hamilton Leithauser and Rostam wrote and recorded together between July 2014 and February 2016. In the spirit of collaborative albums, not unlike those of David Byrne and Brian Eno, each musician’s individuality remains in tact, while in fact,...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: Junge Junge - "Run Run Run"

Enduring ambitions have good prospects when they’re not compromised by vanity. With good reason, they say strength of purpose is the most important foundation to succeed in life. Although traditional virtues such as humility, patience, capability and faith in your own abilities might seem to lose...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: Rag'N'Bone Man - "Human"

Rag ‘N’ Bone Man has been a prolific underground name for a couple of years now, first as the resident vocalist of rap's Rum Committee, and now through his latest releases ‘Wolves’ and the critically acclaimed ‘Disfigured’ EP. And, like many things, it began with the blues. Having discovered the...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: LP - "Lost On You"

Sometimes, the songs know before the songwriter does. That was certainly the case with LP's newest release, 'Death Valley,' a heartrending collection mined from the deepest reaches of her subconscious. Without fully realizing it at the time, the New York native was grappling with the fallout from a...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: CRX - "Ways To Fake It"

The urge to begin a new project, for CRX’s Nick Valensi, came from a primal place: He just wanted to play. “I was at a place where I got really hungry to perform in front of audiences, and do things a little more simply,” Valensi says. “The Strokes don't play that often anymore, and when we do it's...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: Kaye - "Honey"

Kaye was born Charlene Kaye in Honolulu, Hawaii. She spent her childhood all over the globe, relocating to Singapore, Hong Kong, Arizona and Michigan all before she turned 18. Growing up in the suburbs of Phoenix, she became a full-fledged music obsessive, playing classical piano and teaching...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: Zipper Club - "Going The Distance"

Zipper Club is comprised of Mason James of Cerebral Ballzy and Lissy Trullie of Lissy Trullie. “I was never pigeonholed into liking one specific genre,” says Mason, the no-nonsense guitarist and founding member behind the addictive assault of a new-wave inspired band alongside multi-instrumentalist...
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