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#DiscoverAndDownload: The Faim - Summer Is A Curse

The Faim came into existence as naturally as their music. The Australian group met while in high school in Perth, emerging from an assignment completed in their music class. Soon the friends were penning their own songs, inspired by bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco and Metallica, and...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: Billie Eilish - You Should See Me In A Crown

Billie Eilish might just make you believe in magic… It’s the best explanation for this silver-haired 15-year-old siren whose breathy, soulful, and spirited croon immediately casts an unbreakable spell. The Los Angeles songstress resembles something of a fairy tale heroine—albeit one with a Tyler,...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: St. Lucia - Walking Away

Hyperion is the title of St. Lucia's third record. The process was as soul-searching as Grobler has found album writing to be - life had changed a lot. Firstly, Grobler and his wife and bandmate Patricia Beranek found out at the end of touring previous album Matter (2016) that they were pregnant...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: The Interrupters - She's Kerosene

The third album from L.A. ska-punk band The Interrupters, Fight the Good Fight gets its title from a piece of graffiti spray-painted outside the studio where they made their debut. “It’s a phrase that’s followed us around for years, and it kind of embodies the message of this album,” says guitarist...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: LSD - "Genius"

LSD is the new collaborative project formed multi-platinum artists, and friends, Labrinth, Sia and Diplo. The project launched in May with the consecutive release of their singles “Genius” and “Audio” coinciding with official videos directed by Ben Jones and Ernest Desumbila, respectively...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: The Wrecks - "James Dean"

No money to their names (minus what they earned from medical studies), the members of Los Angeles alternative rock band The Wrecks—Nick Anderson [vocals, guitar], Aaron Kelley [bass], Nick Schmidt [guitar, vocals], Westen Weiss [guitar, keys], and Billy Nally [drums]—received the invitation of a...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: Ruen Brothers - "All My Shades Of Blue"

Whether it’s their collaboration with the legendary producer Rick Rubin , kudos from the likes of Zane Lowe and the BBC, or a string of memorable performances from the hills of Glastonbury to the deserts of Coachella, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter siblings Henry and Rupert Stansall, known by...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: Albert Hammond Jr. - "Far Away Truths"

Albert Hammond Jr’s fourth solo album Francis Trouble explores a deeply personal topic – the stillborn death of his twin brother, Francis, and the lingering effects that event has had in his life and music. In November of 1979, Hammond Jr’s mother, Claudia, miscarried. Although they rushed to the...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: King Princess - "1950"

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, King Princess is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. The product of a musical family, she spent much of her childhood tinkering on the vintage Neve board in her father's Brooklyn studio, learning guitar and piano along the way. At 11 she turned down a...
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#DiscoverAndDownload: The Driver Era - "Preacher Man"

Like the band name, the music of The Driver Era captures a certain classic feeling while looking toward tomorrow. With the two brothers, Ross and Rocky Lynch, writing, performing, and producing most of the tracks, their stylistically unpredictable pop also conjures up every romantic association...
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