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The Kerfuffle Announce Party featured artist: MALLRAT

“Hannah Montana of the rap game.” It’s the tongue-in-cheek moniker that Mallrat (aka Grace Shaw) gave herself. It’s the best description that the then 16-year-old could ascribe to the bright, bouncy pop she made inspired by her rap heroes like Allday, Drake and Kanye. Much of her huge appeal can be...
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The Daily Feed - Alt Buffalo's Top 10!

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kap 2020

The Kerfuffle 2020 Announce Party is here!

Join the #AltFamily for the Official Kerfuffle 2020 Announce Party on Thursday, March 26th at Asbury Hall at Babeville. Along with live performances from New Politics, Michigander and Marquee Grand, we invite you to be the first to hear all the details for Buffalo’s biggest summer concert event –...
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The Kerfuffle Announce Party featured artist: MARQUEE GRAND

Since the release of their debut single in 2018, Marquee Grand has brought a refreshingly modern style to Buffalo’s music scene. With alt rock influences spanning the past few decades, these Buffalo natives stand out above the rest.
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The Kerfuffle Announce Party featured artist: MICHIGANDER

Even if you’re not from the Midwest, it might remind you of home. The lakes, the plains, and the woods welcome visitors with a palpable warmth proudly shared by the locals. The area maintains its reputation as the “Heartland” for a reason—it holds the beating heart of America. Michigander emanates...
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New Politics

The Kerfuffle Announce Party featured artist: NEW POLITICS

World renowned alternative rock band New Politics celebrates their 10th anniversary with rediscovery and reinvention. Formed in 2009 and consisting today of Danish-born members David Boyd, Søren Hansen, and NY native Louis Vecchio, New Politics strikes again their highly anticipated fifth album, “...
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The Daily Feed - Billie talks to a robot and joins James Bond!

BILLIE EILISH was interviewed by a robot for Vogue Magazine! We've got that plus her new video for the upcoming James Bond flick. Watch both here
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The Daily Feed - Saint Motel video debut!

SAINT MOTEL jumped into ALTBUFFALO'S TOP 10 this week and now we debut the video for "Van Horn" right here
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Tame Impala

The Daily Feed - Tame Impala!

We can't get enough of TAME IMPALA and the new track "Lost In Yesterday"! If you get the chance to road trip to one of their shows, make it happen!
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Hayley Williams of Paramore at Bonnaroo

The Daily Feed - Hayley Williams video debut!

HAYLEY WILLIAMS of PARAMORE is having a huge week at ALTBUFFALO with her first solo hit "Simmer" and you get to watch the video debut here
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