The Simpsons have once again predicted the future with the Burns Omninet

August 8, 2018

Photo Credit - Dreamstime


So, yesterday according to USA TODAY, a 23 year old Dutch college drop-out in California debuted details of what's being called "The Ocean Cleanup Project".  What this is, is a series of floating pipes that is nearly 2,000 feet long, with nets strung below.  The purpose of this contraption, to clean up tons of garbage in the Pacific Ocean, from an area called "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch".

Sound familiar…

As Alternative Buffalo's resident Simpson's fan, let me explain. Back in Season Eight of The Simpson's in 1997, in an episode called "The Old Man and The Lisa", Lisa Simpson decided to help a bankrupt Mr. Burns get rich again, by turning him on to the wonders of recycling.  After collecting empty cans and returning them for the deposit money, Mr. Burns slowly gains his fortune back.  He eventually opens a recycling plant inspired by Lisa, featuring "The Burns Omninet".  A contraption eerily similar to the Ocean Cleanup Project.

The Simpson's once again have predicted the future, this time 21 years ahead of time.

Watch for yourself here.