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November 1, 2018

Ok, took a couple of weeks off due to vacation/illness, but I am ready to get back at it.  Before the break, I was all over the map, going 6-8-1 in Week 6.  I can’t seem to get over the hill that is.500.  But I’m back baby!  And ready to take a stab at Week 9.  If I can’t figure out these teams by now, it ain’t ever gonna happen


Away we go! Amari Cooper killed my fantasy team so bad, he got traded…in real life!  The Mack Attack returns home to Buffalo, and Fitzmagic is officially at the helm of the Bucs!  Here we go with week 9…

At San Francisco-2.5 - Oakland – DOG OF THE WEEK -WOOF!  This one is the battle for suck supremacy in the NFL.  The #1 pick in the 2019 Draft could be on the line.  The Raiders are in full on Tank mode.

At Minnesota-4.5 - Detroit – LOCK OF THE WEEK - What is up with the Motor City Kitties?  They trade for Snacks like they are going for it, and then they ship Golden Tate to Philly!?! Da Fuq????

Kansas City-8.5 - At Cleveland – New Head Coach, and a new OC for the Brownies…Pat Mahomes is SICCCCKKKK!  Too much for Cleveland to overcome

At Baltimore-3Pittsburgh – The Burgh seems to have righted the ship…but the Birds made some trades to make a playoff push.  Toss up, go for the home team.

At Carolina-6.5 - Tampa Bay – The Fitzmagic is official in the Bay!  He goes on the road, and wows the cats with a last minutes, 97 yard drive capped off by a 47 yard scramble for the game winning TD!  FITZMAGIC!!!

At Miami-3 - NY Jets – The Brock Osweiler thing intrigues me…..But I think The Jets ground and pound game survives.

At Washington-1.5 - Atlanta – LONGSHOT OF THE WEEK - Are the Skins for real?  No team has won the NFC East back to back since 2003/2004.  History says the Skins are due.

Chicago-10 - At Buffalo – The Mack Attack returns home, and says “Hey remember me?  You shoulda drafted me instead of Sammy Watkins.”

At Denver-1Houston – Thomas gets to face the team that just traded him to Houston, and finds a new BFF in Deshaun Watson.

At Seattle-1.5 - LA Chargers – The Seahawks are being sneaky and hanging around in the NFC playoff picture.  They are always tough at home.  The 12th Man prevails.

At New Orleans-1.5 - LA RamsGAME OF THE WEEK – WOW, What a matchup!  I really think The Rams are the class of the NFL this year.  They go into the Dome and show The Saints who’s boss.

At New England-5.5 - Green Bay – Just when ya think The Patriots may be slipping…Great match up of All Time GREAT QB’s here.  The GOAT prevails.

Monday Night Football

At Dallas-6.5 – Tennessee – Dallas has a new toy in Amari Cooper. In my winless fantasy team’s best interest…I’m saying Cowgirls.