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October 11, 2018

Alright, finally going in the right direction.  Kickers killed my week!  If Mason Crosby, could have been his usual self that he's been the last 5 years, and not hopped on the suck wagon the week would have looked even better.  All in all, I'll take it though as I wound up 9-5-1 on the week.  Better.  But not quite there yet.  Let's see if we can get to over .500 for the season here in Week 6.


As we make our way through the season.  I'm going to post my picks (vs. the point spread) here, along with my LOCK OF THE WEEK, and LONGSHOT OF THE WEEK.  My pick for the winning team will be in BOLD

Check back here for a running total of my wins & losses each week. So on to week number 6 

Kickers, Kickers everywhere and not a field goal to be missed.  Tom Brady is still pissed, and I am seriously gonna drop Amari Cooper (And then he will go off for 12/189/2). Plus the Mack attack returns!

Philadelphia -2.5 At NY Giants – LONGSHOT OF THE WEEK - It took 63 yards and a cloud of dust to kill the Giants dreams last week.  This week, they shock the world and take down the Champs.

At Minnesota -10 Arizona – As predicted, Arizona got win #1 last week.  The fun stops there.

LA Chargers -1 At Cleveland – Wow, I am really starting to believe in the Brownies.  But the bolts are a bit above their paygrade this week.

Chicago -3.5 At Miami – LOCK OF THE WEEK - The Mack Attack is BACK!  You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him…Good luck Dolphins.

At Washington -1 Carolina – 63 yards and a cloud of dust off Gano’s foot lead the Panthers to the Promised Land last week.  And Washington looked like doodoo.  Carolina continues to 5-1.

At NY Jets -2.5 IndianapolisDOG OF THE WEEK – Buzz, your girlfriend…WOOF.  I can’t get a read on the Jets, so let’s see if Captian Andrew Luck can bring it on home this week.  That beard is pretty sweet.

At Cincinnati -2.5 Pittsburgh – The Burg seemed to right the ship to prevent Nero from fiddling.  This week, the Red Rider sends em’ back to panic town.

At Atlanta -3.5 Tampa Bay – The Falcons are 1-4?  How the hell did that happen…This nonsense stops here.

Seattle -3 vs Oakland (At London) Ahh London football.  Throw another shrimp on the Barbie….Or maybe throw Amari Cooper on there.  WAKE UP SON!

At Houston -10 Buffalo – Is it time to BILLeive in The Bills yet?  Yup, i mean that last time i got double digit points, they rolled The Vikings.  Take the points

LA Rams -7 At Denver – Denver is my dumpster fire of the week.  The Rams are a good Football team...a VERY good team...sick…..

Jacksonville -3 At Dallas – Big trouble in Big D this week.  Saxonville tees off on Dak.

Baltimore -2.5 At Tennessee – Not sure which Ravens team will show up on any given Sunday.  This week it’s the one that barley wins.

At New England -3.5 Kansas City – Game of the Week right here!  Tom Brady is still pissed.  The Chiefs are still VERY good!

Monday Night Football

At Green Bay -9.5 San Francisco – Mason Crosby remembers how to kick, and The Pack is back on track vs. a questionable Niners squad.