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October 5, 2018

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Ok, so last week I was fresh off a Vegas vacation, and ready to get back at it.  Week 4 turned out OK as I posted a 6-7-2 mark against the spread.  The 1st 1/4 of the season is out of the way, so I got no more excusues to suck...except maybe all things Pumpkin Spice.  Pumpkin Spice sucks, annoys me, and can take my eyes off the prize.


As we make our way through the season.  I'm going to post my picks (vs. the point spread) here, along with my LOCK OF THE WEEK, and LONGSHOT OF THE WEEK.  My pick for the winning team will be in BOLD

Check back here for a running total of my wins & losses each week. So on to week number 5. 

The Chiefs cannot be stopped, Pittsburgh may burn to the ground, and Brady is back

Indianapolis -10 At New England - LOCK OF THE WEEK -Captain Andrew Luck and his men put up a fight, but too many of his soldiers are banged up.  Plus Tom Brady is still pissed, and Edleman is back

Baltimore -3 At Cleveland - Ok, the refs really boned me on this one last week.  That spot was AWFUL.  The Brownies had it in the bag!  This week, the Dawg Pound is loud, and the Brownies get win #2

At Kansas City -3 Jacksonville - Match Up of the year so far here.  Seriously, the Chiefs look unreal. Great Googley Moogely...

Tennessee -5.5 At Buffalo - LONGSHOT OF THE WEEK.  I'm going to the game.  So the home team isn't gonna let me down...Right?

At Carolina- 6.5 NY Giants - I think the giants realize that they drafted a RB #1, they better hand him the ball 20+ times a game.  They do, and keep it close enough to cover.

At NY Jets -1 Denver - WOOF - Dog of the week.  Coin flip....Standby.....Coin says Denver.

At Pittsburgh -3 Atlanta - Pittsburgh is turning into the dumpster fire of the year.  If this keeps up, the city may burn.  

Green Bay- 1 At Detroit - I can't figure out The Pack.  One week, they can't get out of their own way, next week they pitch a shutout. That was against Buffalo though.

At Cincinnati -5.5 Miami - Miami came back to earth last week against the Pats.  This week the Red Rider gets the best of them.

At LA Chargers -5 Oakland - Seriously Amari Cooper, you are single handily killing my fantasy season!

At San Francisco -4 Arizona - I think Arizona finally gets up off the matt for win #1.  

At Philadelphia -3 Minnesota - Rematch of last year’s NFC title game, but for some reason I'm not overly excited about it.  

LA Rams -7 At Seattle - Why, oh why did I sit Jerod Goff last week.. Whoops.  Rams keep on rolling.

At Houston -3 Dallas - Everything’s bigger in Texas?  But not always better...This one is another coin flip.  Standby....Coin says Houston

Monday Night Football

At New Orleans -6.5 Washington - AP is back from a bye week.  Does he have an axe to grind after The Saints gave up on him last year?  Me thinks yes, enough of an axe to cover.