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December 13, 2018

OK, I give up.  I can’t make head or tails out of this season.  I’m up, I’m down.  Amari Cooper sucks, he’s the GOAT.  It makes ZERO sense.  But with that said, I am still in striking distance of .500 so I’m gonna give it the old college try.  An 11-5 week in week 14 got me closer


As we make our way through the season.  I'm going to post my picks (vs. the point spread) here, along with my DOG OF THE WEEKLOCK OF THE WEEK, and LONGSHOT OF THE WEEK.  My pick for the winning team will be in BOLD

On to Week 15 – I give up on the Red Rider & Matty IceSaquon is a BEAST, it's panic time in the Steel City again, plus a SEXUAL CHOCOLATE eference

- - - - - - - - - - WEEK 15 GAMES - - - - - - - - - - 

At Kansas City-3.5 -LA ChargersGAME OF THE YEARThis Week.  Lots of injuries here, and so much at stake.  Rivers steps up from the class of ’04 and wins it on the road…Well, The Chargers don’t really have a hone right now, so….

Houston-6 - At NY Jets – Jet’s are REALLY banged up at RB. The injuries are too much and Houston rolls.

 Denver-3 – ClevelandLONGSHOT OF THE WEEK The Brownies were my WTF game last week.  They come through strong again.

Minnesota-7 – Miami – Do the Phins have another miracle in store against the reeling Vikes? No, but they cover.

 Cincinnati-3 –Oakland DOG OF THE WEEK…WOOF.  The Raiders can’t even tank right.

Baltimore-8 - Tampa Bay – The Lamar Jackson era is now officially ON in Baltimore, and their march to the AFC North title continues…But the Buccos cover.

At Indianapolis-3 – Dallas – Captain Andrew Luck slays the cowpokes this week, as his brigade marches toward a Wild Card birth.

At Buffalo -2.5 – Detroit – I can’t figure the Bills this year so coin flip……Heads it is.  Bills cover

At Chicago -5.5 - Green Bay – The Mack attack shuts down the resurgent Cheeseheads and kills their playoff dreams

At NY Giants-2.5 – Tennessee – “The Giants shouldn’t draft an RB at #2 they said”…WRONG (Insert Trump Meme here).  As they said in Coming to America of Jackson Heights own Mr. Randy Watson & Sexual Chocolate…”That Boy is Good”

At Jacksonville-7 – Washington – The Washington QB room is literally guys that we’re bagging groceries two weeks ago.  But Jacksonville is coached by Doug Marone… Coin flip again. TAILS..  Skins Cover.

At Atlanta-8.5 – Arizona – Sorry Matty Ice, you have burned me too many times this year.  CARDS cover.

Seattle-5.5 - At San Francisco LOCK OF THE WEEK The Legion of Boom rises from the ashes for a last stand, and a playoff berth.  Watch out for the birds.

New England-1.5 - At Pittsburgh – Oh Pittsburgh, I put my trust in you and you lose to the Raiders.  Pats roll.

At LA Rams-9.5 – Philadelphia – Wentz has a broken back.  Unlike Crowded House…DO dream it’s over

Monday Night Football Point Spread

New Orleans-6.5 - At Carolina – I just discovered the cats lost 5 in a row.  Make it 6.