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November 16, 2018

5…..Hundred is the magic number! I finally had a .500 week last week.  But the problem is that I am still 7 games under .500, with 7 weeks to go… In my never-ending quest to get to .500, I must go at least +1 each week, for the last 7 weeks of the season… Like KG said “Anything is possible!!!”


As we make our way through the season.  I'm going to post my picks (vs. the point spread) here, along with my DOG OF THE WEEKLOCK OF THE WEEK, and LONGSHOT OF THE WEEK.  My pick for the winning team will be in BOLD

On to Week 12 – The Game of the year…South of the Border? The Saints show Philly they were a 1 year wonder, and The Giants make it 2 in a row…But Odell said they’d win 8 straight


- - - WEEK 11 GAMES - - - 

At Seattle-3Green Bay – LONGSHOT OF THE WEEK The whole Hail Marry thing years ago, makes this one way more interesting than it should be.  Mason Crosby chokes again at the gun, Hawks win

Carolina-4At Detroit – Detroit has mailed it in for the year, the Cats get back on track

At Atlanta-3Dallas – Matty Ice wins one, loses one.  He lost to the Brownies last week, and is out for revenge on the Cowpokes secondary.

At Baltimore-4Cincinnati – Will it be the RGII or Lamar Jackson show…Meh.. The Red Rider saves the day.

At Chicago-2.5Minnesota – I can’t decide if The Bears are for real or not.. Here is the test.  The Mack Attack is pissed at that piss poor UB performance the other night…He takes it out on Cousins.

At New Orleans-8.5Philadelphia – Sorry Philly Philly, you are a one hit wonder, and this week Drew Brees shows ya why.

At Indianapolis-2Tennessee – Captain Andrew Luck makes a triumphant return in week 12!  At least on Twitter.

Houston-3At Washington – Houston rises to the top of the AFC South.

At NY Giants-1Tampa Bay – JPP is as angry as an M80 on the 4th of July.  But the new Giants O-Line holds him enough in check in a shootout.

At LA Chargers-7Denver – LOCK OF THE WEEK I picked the Charges to win the west before the year.  They are starting to look like they want it.

At Arizona-5.5Oakland – DOG OF THE WEEK – WOOF  A Battle of suck for sure.  The Raiders and Cards battle it out for the potential #1 pick…Raiders are on #TeamTank though.

Pittsburgh-5.5At Jacksonville – WTF has happened in Saxonville?!?!  Pitt is the class of a poor AFC North, after a rap start.  PS: Bye Bye Le’Veon

- - - Monday Night Football  - - - 

LA Rams (At Mexico City)-3.5Kansas City – The turf at Aztec Stadium is AWFUL, like Potholes in My Lawn AWFUL.  Game may move back to LA.  Either way, Any Reid’s whacky playbook wins again!