Nik Rivers - Spike Jonez is still the man

Run the Jewels - Nobody Speak

September 15, 2017

Photo Credit - Monotone Inc. with permissions to Entercom Buffalo LLC


So, growing up in the 90's, I always loved the videos that Spike Jonez directed.  From the Weezer masterpiece "Buddy Holly" to "Praise You" by Fatboy Slim, to one of my favorite videos of the decade "California" by Wax.  The man always had a unique style, and came up with some of the most creative videos of all time.  Well, he's at it again, but this time, he takes his talent to live theatre.  Check out a portion of his new theatrical dance piece "Changers: A Dance Story" that was adapted into a short film that he shot live on the Tonight Show set.  And to top it off, it features "Nobody Speak" from Run the Jewels as it's musical bed...Pretty great stuff...Spike Jonez is still the man!!!