Find Your Polling Place

No Excuses!

November 6, 2018




Today is the day! I'm urging you to get out and vote!

It's okay if you're new to all of this! I know oddly it can feel scary like everyone is expecting you should already know what you are doing. 

Are you registered but not sure where your polling location is? It's so easy with this polling place locator at

Still need more info on who's on the ballot? If you're on Facebook they have made it super accessible. Click on your home screen/menu and you will see a button shortcut "2018 Elections" where there are videos and info about each candidate and also links to their Facebook pages to investigate their missions.
I'm also a fan of where you can sort by state and then browse by candidates and policy issues facing your community. Here is a quick link to New York State coverage.

People vote for many different reasons with various methods. It's important to be educated and vote for who is going to represent you and your community’s needs.


Take it from the professionals -- . Go and vote today!! #Vote Art By @theSkimm

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