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July 13, 2018

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New For The Week Of 7/13/18:

Death Cab For Cutie- "Gold Rush":  This fresh tune was recycled from an original demo that the band planned to keep unused, but was revitalized by producer Rich Costey by mixing it with another demo. The song was written Ben Gibbard as "A Requiem For A Skyline" (which you will hear that line mentioned in the song). It was inspired by the rapid changes to Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, where Gibbard had lived for 20 years and it seemed "almost unrecognizable" due to the influx of workers for booming companies like Amazon. Listen to the experience here:

Rex Orange County "Loving Is Easy" featuring Benny Sings: Twenty year old Rex Orange County, born Alex O’Connor, began his music career in 2015 with the release of his first full-length record "bcos u will never b free". He’s collaborated Tyler, The Creator and Marco McKinnis and self-released a studio album in 2017, titled Apricot Princess. Now, “Loving Is Easy” is the latest in his dreamy, happy songs about young love:

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Young The Giant "Simplify": "Each decision divides into possible alternatives, reflections multiplying within themselves endlessly, like a room of a thousand mirrors. We construct images of how life should be lived: how to act, dress, tweet, and vote, and often times it is easy to lose your true self to the images we create for all to see. But love is simple, and to love someone is to love all of humanity, It is the closest thing to truth, and even though love can be compromising, painful, and exhausting, we can only see our truest selves in the eyes of another. This is the essence of 'Simplify.'" -Lead singer, Sameer Gadhia. Hear for yourself how amazing life can be when you chose to simplify:


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