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October 17, 2018

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New For The Week Of 10/12/18:

Hozier- "Nina Cried Power":  This song is a tribute to all the major contributors of protest songs. “Nina Cried Power is best looked at as a little bit of a sampler, four corners of the world the album populates...That’s how I kind of picture it in my head. Every song is standing around the same awful bonfire of the world. Some of them are optimistic; some of them are terrified; some of them are really looking forward to just burning within it” says Hozier himself. "Nina Cried Power" may need the song we need during these trying times:

SYML- "Clean Eyes": “I wrote "Clean Eyes" as an outlet to express my least favorite thing about myself, that I’m a cynic. I think that is one of the most ugly traits a person can have. Somehow, I found someone who loves me through my cynicism, and shows me the world through her beautiful and honest lens” said SYML. This is the first attempt at approaching a new song from a band mentality, making it sound much fuller and upbeat than the last single "Where's My Love?" You'll be surprised by the change of pace, hear it for yourself here: