Say Hello To McAloo Tikki

Emily- McDonald's Brings Vegan Burger To USA

December 19, 2018




Adopting a plant based diet in 2018 is fairly easy. Eating a plant based diet on the go is another challenge. Before I was vegan I was obsessed...and I mean OBSESSED with fast food, especially McDonalds. As you navigate through your new plant based world you learn the tricks of the trade of what you can and cannot eat at fast food spots, if you choose to still eat at them. Nowadays I eat a lot of meatless/cheeseless Mighty Taco and Taco Bell with the occasional breakfast at Burger King. I don't condone PETA, though I recommend using their resources for the ins and outs of what you can eat on a plant based diet at chain restaurants- they are the most accurate and up to date source on the web, in my opinion.
Eating plant based at McDonalds is almost non-existent. Though I do occasionally grab a $1 black coffee still. Not many people know that even their fries and hashbrowns have animal product in them! (YIKES NOT MY PRECIOUS POTATOES!) Internationally McDonald's has offered vegan dishes in countries such as India, Sweden and Finland. Finally, McDonald's has brought it's vegan burger from India to the United States for a launch at their global headquarters flagship restaurant Chicago West Loop neighborhood outlet. Check out the press release here.
Say hello to the McAloo Tikki! The samosa inspired vegan burger patty made from potatoes and peas, stacked with red onions, tomato, a tomato mayo that is egg free on a toasty bun.

Don't expect anything sexy, it's still McDonalds, though I would be overjoyed if this vegan burger launched locally so I could try it! 
Samosas don't do it for you? It's been reported that McDonalds is keeping an eye on plant based proteins like the Impossible Burger.  

*Fingers Crossed*